10 Tips to Prevent Cyberbullying

10 Tips to Prevent Cyberbullying

Currently many people live connected to the Internet For most of the day, it is something that has become part of our normalcy. But, adolescents and some children also spend many hours browsing websites and, above all, on social networks. This makes them the main target of some problems such as cyberbullying or cyberbullying, sexting, loss of privacy and many other risks they face in the network and although obviously also suffered by adults, children are generally more vulnerable. Therefore, it is vital that we teach children to deal with these situations and to prevent them.

1   The first thing we must take into account is to know how to protect our information as best as possible in the network and teach minors to protect their privacy on the Internet in general and within the social networks they use. To do this, we recommend that you report well on how to protect your Internet privacy with Firefox and Chrome and how to set the privacy of information on Facebook and other social networks.

2    We must be aware that we must not exceed accepting and sending invitations on social networks. It is something that is done a lot because we want to have many friends in the networks, but it is not the safest thing. Therefore, one of the tips to prevent cyberbullying is that we must bear in mind the importance of making teenagers aware that they only accept requests for friendship from someone they already know outside the Internet.

3   In addition, it is good that we block those people who make us feel insecure, especially if there has already been a problem or unpleasant messages have been received either through the social network used or in person. If things get complicated with some friendship to the point that you do not see clear to continue with it, do not feel bad about eliminating and blocking that person in the social networks that you have, since it is a way to feel calmer and to avoid cyberbullying or cyberbullying .

In the case of minors it is very common to have arguments and fights with classmates and other friends. But, because they use a lot of Internet, it is very common to see that these problems and the bullying that may arise from them are reflected in social networks. Because of this, the problem becomes public and larger, since the harassment may occur at any time of the day. To prevent something like this from happening, it will be better to restrict the child’s friendships in the networks he uses and have the security and privacy of his accounts well configured and, of course, to solve the situation in the school and if it is necessary to ask for help from professionals.

4   One of the most important tips to prevent cyberbullying is that we must be very careful with the content we share on the networks, be it photos, videos, writings or web pages. These can create some problem or discussion with another user, but the most important thing is that once on the Internet your image or video can reach people and unexpected places and, therefore, is so vital the subject of security and privacy that, of course, must be accompanied by a little common sense when choosing our content.

5     If at any time you create a discussion with someone, especially if you do not know that person before, the best thing you can do to prevent things from becoming complicated and reach cyberbullying or other types of harassment, is to ignore the comments, provocations and offensive messages that you can send or publications in which you can tag, in short, not enter the discussion. If you see that ignoring the issue is not enough, we insist that blocking is something that will surely stop, or at least hinder, the harassment.

6    It is important that you do not do for the networks what you would not do in person, since sometimes we feel more protected with anonymity and / or distance and we dare with things that we would not really do or say and so we expose ourselves to possible unwanted situations.

7   Another thing that must be done is to warn politely the person who harasses us that he is committing a crime. If even this does not stop the harassment, the best thing you can do is gather evidence and report the situation to the authorities and stop answering messages to that person.

8   It is really important that you do not provide personal information to anyone, let alone a stranger. When they ask you through a social network for the bank account number, your home address or personal email, your mobile number or other possible private data, never indicate or transmit them, since you will be exposing yourself enormously to many possible dangers such as scams or harassment.

9   As soon as you start to feel harassed by the Internet, the best thing you can do is communicate it to the web service provider you are using. They can block, report to the user in question and thus prevent contact with you through their web platform.

10   Keep in mind that whenever you think that the situation has reached a point that causes personal problems or do not know how to manage it, go to a professional or the authorities as you see necessary.

Of course, all these tips must be transmitted and taught to children so that from the first moment they are in a situation of cyberbullying, they know how to act and do not continue to suffer from this problem that can lead to many more.

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Article Source: Tape Daily