LC Division, Chronological Literature: Challenging Challenge Of New Programs

Challenging Challenge Of New Programs

Jean-Michel Blanquer launches 2 reforms: learning the 4 arithmetic operations from kindergarten, and a chronological literature. Proposals that are not unanimous. Currently, division , the last arithmetic operation learned in primary, is only taught in CM1, and must be mastered to enter college. Addition and subtraction are taught between CP and CE2, and multiplication appears only at the latter level. According to Jean-Michel Blanquer's

Corinne Heckmann (OECD): Teachers Need Collaboration

Teachers Need Collaboration

Corinne Heckmann, OECD analyst, commented on the recent reforms put in place by the Ministers of National Education and Higher Education at the time of the publication "Education at a Glance. Corrine Heckmann, OECD analyst, examined the case of school rhythms. In remarks relayed by AEF , it thus judges "damage" that the choice