2018’s TOP 5 Careers In Drawing

TOP 5 Careers In Drawing

Drawing and illustration skills are commonly innate talent. However, if you have the proper training and education, you can also be good at drawing. The job opportunity for individuals with this kind of talent is as broad as the color wheel. If you have the talent for drawing, you can work for different industries of your choice.

This is the reason why there are plenty of crash courses offered to individuals who would want to learn how to draw professionally. Even online, like the Skillshare drawing classes, they have everything that you need when you want to broaden your knowledge in the arts, especially in graphic design.

The Most Popular Job Opportunity For People Who Loves To Draw

When you love to draw, never think that you do not have a future with this talent. You have a very broad future opportunity ahead of you. You just have to do your best in your craft for you to be able to make a career out of it. Here are the most popular jobs that you can have when you have this talent and skills.

  • Graphic Designer. These professionals can create and also edit visuals. Mostly, they are using the software for a graphic design like the Adobe InDesign. If you choose this career path, there is a huge chance of you working for a brand with different clients and agencies.
  • Animator. If you have watched a cartoon channel at least once in your life, then you should know that this is one of what animators do. They develop characters, objects, and even environments that can be used for different applications like the development of video games, the motion graphics for TV and film, and so much more.
  • Motion Graphics Designer. If you want to make 3D models or something bigger than that, then this is the career path that you should take. They are different from animators. These professionals create and edit any imagery from a live action shot that will sometimes include animation or special effects.
  • Art Teacher. If you have the love for doodling and you have that inner passion to share your talent, then you might as well be a teacher. You can help mold future artists. If you are an art teacher, you would be able to discover potential artists in your class, whether these are kids or adults.
  • Technical Illustrators. These professionals create sketches, storyboards, glyphs, logos, and so much more! They commonly use an idea from products to create its visual presentation. They are also the ones who draft charts, the schematics, as well as the diagrams that you usually find in technical publications, from textbooks, as well as user manuals.

If you have the talent, the skills, and the knowledge in drawing and illustration, don’t hide it. Make yourself known. If you think what you know is not enough to impress others, strengthen your skills by taking online drawing classes for you to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the art industry these days. This is one of the most convenient ways to improve your knowledge before you apply for a real job that involves drawing.