Alternative recruitment practices

Alternative recruitment practices

Gone are the days when a resume alone helped someone land a job. Placement consultants today are adopting alternative recruitment practices to attract top talent. Things don’t end at a job interview – and they shouldn’t. There are a number of alternative recruitment strategies that are being increasingly employed to make the right talent choice.

Social hiring

Employers and placement consultants often start at social media today. Apart from ensuring your company website is updated and user-friendly, they look to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for recruiting talent. Especially on professional networks like LinkedIn, there is a vast pool of brilliant people looking for job opportunities. Companies must share job postings regularly and keep the talent pool engaged.

Innovative interview formats

Companies are now going beyond the normal. The days of face-to-face interviews with writing tests and case studies are fast getting replaced by psychometric tests and video interviews. Group interviews are on the rise, too, because assessing how good a candidate is in a large group of potential employees is immensely important to identify certain talents like leadership and team-work. This way, employers get to evaluate candidates through a multi-faceted prism, looking at communication, body language, and attitude.

Background checks

While practices like web scraping may have legal implications, they are helping in getting a good understanding of the potential of an employee and tell you far more than a cover letter or interview. We know how everyone leaves a digital footprint on the web. It is precisely this digital footprint that can help understand what the candidates have been endorsing on their social media profiles. However, one must stick to the task without breaching a candidate’s privacy. To put it simply, don’t trample on the free information available online about a candidate. You can take this a step further by requesting the candidates to take personality tests. They’re interesting and highly engaging and reveal a lot about someone’s personality.

Big data

This is a tool fast gaining popularity amongst tech-focused recruiters. Instead of manually looking for the right keywords on resumes to find potential candidates, placement consultants are using sophisticated software to analyse thousands of applications, filtering them by qualifications, and background, thus zeroing in on those with the right profiles.

Open-ended job postings

Companies are also doing away with job titles, thus focusing on hiring real people instead of a skill set. Such open-ended postings are a great way to assess whether a candidate is a right fit for the culture and mission instead of simply possessing experience in a field.

The world of recruitment is rapidly evolving. It is no longer just about the knowledge or the skill set an employee brings to the table but also their attitude and personality. A clear trend is the higher involvement of technology in the recruiting process. With time, this will only increase. As traditional methods of hiring will be done away with, recruiters will need to bring their core skills to the fore to identify the right fit for an organisation instead of simply sifting through resumes.