Boost Your Career As An Architect Thanks To The Web

You've finished your archi studies

You’ve finished your archi studies and want to start your practice right away? You have a few years of architecture to your credit and would like to start developing your personal branding? 

Professional network, web visibility, creative or technical watch … We will explain everything.

The start

Congratulations, you have taken the plunge, it is not the most secure way, nor the most restful indeed! The best way to start is of course to work your network, stay in touch with your schoolmates, your collaborators and former co-workers. Do not be afraid to present X to Y, it is by becoming the meeting point that one becomes inescapable. Multiply the qualitative introductions, and expect nothing in return. One person would match with another? Make them meet.

At the same time, do not hesitate to meet new people, people who could teach you more about certain techniques, some workings, some stories. Take a look at platforms designed for architects such as Houzz , a great tool for sharing your portfolio, designs and projects . On LinkedIn, subscribe to ” Architects ” groups to exchange ideas and projects.

Online presence

We will not tell you anything: your digital strategy is one of the keys to success. Indeed, some independent architects do their trick, and by a well-oiled digital strategy, work, and skills, succeed to become unavoidable actors. The catch in all this is that a digital agency to accompany you on your strategy, or even a freelance, it costs a lot of money. Our advice: keep your money, it is precious. Instead, use Heek , your new digital companion. Just answer a few questions about your profile, your activity and your plans to see your site build before your eyes.

Visually caring for your presence is very important because your site represents your brand on the web, and your brand is your investment over the long term. It is important to remain active and especially to adopt a strong visual communication. Do not be afraid to share your accomplishments – not only when they are delivered, it inspires others and places you at the center of the game. For that, nothing like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


Are you short of ideas on how to present your portfolio or profile? We offer content, designs, and templates to get you started, and find inspiration. To find inspiration, do not hesitate to go see what your colleagues do, on their site, on Houzz, or on Pinterest. We have created a board Pinterest dedicated to architecture to make your life easier. We also invite you to take a look at the following Instagram accounts for more creative ideas: @homeadore ,@architectureinteriors , @archidesiign , @architecturelove ,@uncensoredluxury

Some reading

Last little tip: keep reading and learning about your topic, and even better, look at what other people do outside your network, and especially internationally. Not only will this allow you to take the pulse of trends, but will also allow you to discover new techniques and specificities. Look at sites like Architectural Digest to navigate, save and read the content you like about Architecture.