Boost Your Career As An Architect Thanks To The Web

You've finished your archi studies

You've finished your archi studies and want to start your practice right away? You have a few years of architecture to your credit and would like to start developing your personal branding?  Professional network, web visibility, creative or technical watch ... We will explain everything. The start Congratulations, you have taken the plunge, it

5 Tips For More Self-Confidence

more self-confidence

It's Sunday today and that means it's time for an extra video from Today, Annic van Wonderen and I give you five handy tips that you can use to get more self-confidence. So, do you suffer from a lack of self-confidence and would you like to be more positive in life? Be sure to

Say 3 Steps To Learn No

Say 3 Steps To Learn No

In the past, I had a lot of trouble saying no because I wanted to meet others continually. Although this is a nice feature, it can also be a huge pitfall. Saying to someone else, sometimes does not mean saying to yourself. Because I did not dare to say, I regularly did