Take Admission At The Top Engineering Institutes To Get Jobs Instantly After Graduation

engineering colleges in Lucknow

The B.Tech degree course is one of the most popular and tough undergraduate course. It perfectly blends several theoretical and practical lessons to form a dynamic syllabus. The beauty of the syllabus is that they are regularly updated to reflect the current evolution in various technologies. Several engineering colleges in

Corinne Heckmann (OECD): Teachers Need Collaboration

Teachers Need Collaboration

Corinne Heckmann, OECD analyst, commented on the recent reforms put in place by the Ministers of National Education and Higher Education at the time of the publication "Education at a Glance. Corrine Heckmann, OECD analyst, examined the case of school rhythms. In remarks relayed by AEF , it thus judges "damage" that the choice

5 Tips To Develop Your International Career

International Career

The world is your oyster and you’re no longer restricted to a town, city or even a country when you’re looking for work. You can now be a part of the global workforce and share your skills worldwide! If the thought of setting off to foreign shores to live and work

The Decree Pontius Pilate On The School Rhythms Of Blanquer

The decree that Jean-Michel Blanquer has just signed on school rhythms

The decree that Jean-Michel Blanquer has just signed on school rhythms is worthy not of a Solomon but of a Pontius Pilate. It is the "base", provided it is united, who will choose the return to the four-day week. And the irresponsible head of the Ministry of Education washes his hands. After the

A Quarter Of French Young People Work During Their Studies

French Young People Work During Their Studies

Who said the young French were lazy? Of the approximately 2.4 million young people between the ages of 18 and 29 in studies between 2013 and 2015, 23% worked in parallel, according to a study published Friday by the Ministry of Labor. Many are on fixed-term contracts or permanent contracts And these jobs are