Top Reasons Why School Uniforms Should Be Part Of Education System

School Uniforms

Schools are places where you learn new things, prepare yourself for the future and raising social ability to enjoy with schoolmates. However, nowadays schools are more fashion shows where people tend to show themselves in front of others. Numerous people are against school uniforms because they think that uniforms undermine a

How And Why Will Jean-Michel Blanquer Revitalize Boarding Schools

Boarding Schools

For Jean-Michel Blanquer, the boarding school meets a "strong social challenge". To make it more attractive, the minister wants to develop educational projects around sport and culture. Upon his return conference , August 29, Jean-Michel Blanquer reaffirmed its desire to create a "School of confidence", including "revitalizing" boarding. For the Minister of Education , these schools' extracurricular

Enrollment, Time Spent In The Classroom: France Above The OECD Average

The 2017 edition of the OECD report "Education at a Glance" was published.

The 2017 edition of the OECD report "Education at a Glance" was published. France, above the average in terms of the number of pupils per class and per teacher, is also in number of class hours. The opportunity, therefore, to learn more about the number of staff per class , the supervisory rate and

LC Division, Chronological Literature: Challenging Challenge Of New Programs

Challenging Challenge Of New Programs

Jean-Michel Blanquer launches 2 reforms: learning the 4 arithmetic operations from kindergarten, and a chronological literature. Proposals that are not unanimous. Currently, division , the last arithmetic operation learned in primary, is only taught in CM1, and must be mastered to enter college. Addition and subtraction are taught between CP and CE2, and multiplication appears only at the latter level. According to Jean-Michel Blanquer's

Class Size Influences Students’ Academic Performance

Students' Academic

Reducing the number of students per class improves academic success, according to a recent note from the Institute of Public Policy. For Julien Grenet, co-author of the study, this decrease also has a longer-term positive impact on wages The impact of class size on student performance has already been the subject of

In A Letter To School Teachers About CP 2017 Assessments

School Teachers

In a letter to school teachers about CP 2017 assessments, the Dgesco Jean-Marc Huart announced the construction of a "new protocol" for the 2018 school year. The evaluations of CP 2017 are "only a first step in the development of the culture of evaluation in the classroom , in the service of the success of all