CP Evaluations: Very Difficult Exercises When You Only Have A Few Days Of School In Your Legs

lementary school

Some exercises in CP 2017 assessments are “too high”, according to one teacher who has already offered them to his students. Even a good student cannot succeed “The school teachers have until the end of the month to get their first graders of diagnostic assessments in French and mathematics. Asked this morning by the Parisian, a teacher tells of the difficulties encountered by his students to overcome the French test.

Vincent, a teacher of schools, has already passed the CP assessments in French to his pupils. While some exercises were no problem, others were “very difficult for children with only a few days of elementary school in their legs”. The eleventh exercise, in particular, where pupils must identically copy the phrase “The rabbit is sick”, posed many problems for Vincent’s pupils. Or the twelfth, where the students have to write words (“carpet”, “domino” for example) in front of the corresponding drawing, then “they can not write on their own”.

For Vincent, “the objective is very, very optimistic on the part of the ministry. [A] s opinion, even a good student can not succeed in the evaluation.

The critical unions

Announced at the end of August by the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, these evaluations of CP left the unions skeptical. “There are already very good assessments made by teachers in the classroom, so let the teachers work calmly,” BFMTV reacted  Sylvie Curti, teacher Snuipp-FSU.

“Everything – or almost – goes through paper and pencil,” said Claire Krepper of SE-UNSA in the World . Is this legitimate at the age of six, when one hardly enters the writing? “