Dabo: Pomme De Rainette Wants To Ensure The Survival Of The Extracurricular

Dabo: Pomme De Rainette Wants To Ensure The Survival Of The Extracurricular

At its general meeting last May, the association Obadiers Loisirs et Spectacles expressed its wish to withdraw from 1 January 2018 the management of the extracurricular because of the cumbersome operation and the workload required this structure.

To prevent this resignation from questioning the very existence of the extracurricular and in the interest of the children, Matthieu Fuchs and some parents of pupils decided to create an association “Pomme de Rainette” which will take over the Obadiers and ensure thus the continuity of the periscolaire on Dabo.

“In no way do we want to substitute for Hervé Schlichter’s association or encroach on the domain of the parents of students of Pomme d’Api,” said Matthieu Fuchs, the president. And to show the good faith of the future association, he appealed to Pascal Antoni, the current president of Pomme d’Api, to ensure the vice-presidency of Pomme de Rainette.

This new association, whose statutes have been transmitted to the Tribunal d’Instance, wants to work in the interest of children and in concert with Pomme d’Api and Obadiers Loisirs et Spectacles. It counts amongst the parents of pupils “It facilitates the relations because we want to be an association of proximity,” argues the president. He also knows that the management of the extracurricular will not be a sinecure. Contacts were made with other out-of-school structures in the sector in search of ideas for healthy daily management.

The position of the town hall

It remains to know the position of the municipality vis-à-vis Pomme de Rainette. A request was sent to the mayor with the hope that the municipal council will decide quickly and favorably on this project.

Pomme de Rainette has set up a committee: President Matthieu Fuchs, Vice-President Pascal Antoni, Secretary Ludovic Veit, Treasurer Marie-Cécile Graff. Five assessors were also appointed. The head office was transferred to the president’s home, 4D, Grand Ballerstein, in Dabo.