How to Write a Good Answer during UPSC Exam

UPSC examination

Good answers are a sure success key to UPSC examination. If your answer has proper authenticity and clarity, then it will register with your examiner. Your answer should have a deliberate essence that encourages your examiner to scrutinise your responses with full interest. They should be succinct and capable of generating curiosity in the examiner’s mind. Hence, it is your responsibility to make your answers attractive and logical beyond a shadow of doubt.

Following are some tips you can follow to write concise and comprehensible answers in your UPSC exams.

Preparing Notes

You should start preparing your own notes during your practice days to refer to and follow later on. Have a clear concept of all the facts you went through and know how to identify when a question is tricky and what it demands from you. Jot down important points wherever necessary and seek help from them while framing the answers. This will help you approach a question deftly. Your concern should be strictly adhering to complete answering the questions within the allotted time. This cannot be attained on the day of examination. To be able to write compelling answers as well as complete them on time, you need to practice writing by setting a stopwatch.

Brainstorm and write down some keywords that you think will help you out when you lose track of what you were writing. By doing this, you will be creating an outline for your essay. Only after you are done with this step should you start with your essay.

Organise your thoughts

While you are answering something in the paper it is solely important to keep the points ready in your mind, as to what should come first and what next. You should be capable of recollecting the various points and organising them accordingly. Ensure there is relevance and detailed descriptions follow all headings.

The Interlink Formula

One of the best strategies to make your answers worthy enough is to make them innovative and try to interlink them with relevant current examples. Be it any subject, all you need to do is connect it with suitable examples of current events that will not only add weightage to your answers but also will make them more attractive. Have a determined mindset to write your answers as per quality required by UPSC. In a nutshell, your answers should display some quality that will compel the examiner to evaluate it with interest and will be eye-grabbing for him/her amongst the whole lot received.

More Practice

How to Write a Good Answer during UPSC Exam

Good quality answers are not achieved in one day so be sure to practice diligently. It is advisable to follow question banks that include answers for better framing practice. Always retain in your memory that the answers prepared should be well balanced and holistic. Another critical thing to remember is to follow the pattern of answers as required by UPSC; adhere to their principles and keep up with the newer patterns being introduced.

Fluency in Language

Writing well and intelligibly doesn’t come easy. You require language skills, fluency, knowledge and management skills. It will develop gradually. It is advisable to not be too generous with your vocabulary and metaphors because this will obscure your sentences. When you do use them, make sure they are well placed. You ought to maintain simplicity in your writing and aim at writing intelligibly.

You will need a large dose of reading in your preparation – books, newspapers, articles, etc. They will add various dimensions to your writing and content, improve your vocabulary and make you imaginative. You should evolve within yourself the capacity to think and make a rough sketch of the answers in your mind before you are ready to pen them down. Constantly, keep on utilising your brains as to how you can make your answers worthy and provide authenticity and readability with each answer you write. Fully concentrate and focus while studying so you can recall everything to the best of your ability.