In A Letter To School Teachers About CP 2017 Assessments

School Teachers

In a letter to school teachers about CP 2017 assessments, the Dgesco Jean-Marc Huart announced the construction of a “new protocol” for the 2018 school year. The evaluations of CP 2017 are “only a first step in the development of the culture of evaluation in the classroom , in the service of the success of all our students” , announced Jean-Marc Huart in a letter addressed on September 18 (PDF) to primary school teachers .


The Dgesco stresses that he counts on the feedback of the teachers to clarify “the construction of a new protocol for the next school year”.This new protocol will be developed “under the aegis of a scientific council placed with the minister”. Jean-Marc Huart also specifies in his letter the procedures for the evaluation of CP 2017 . It states in particular that “the duration of the award should be considered as indicative”, and that the professors have the “possibility to pass only a part” of the exercises.

Assessments of Criticized CPs

The evaluations of CP 2017, which began this week in primary schools , are not unanimous among teachers. In particular, they deplore the high level of difficulty  “for children who have only a few days of elementary school in their legs”.