Is Your Partner Cheating?

Is Your Partner Cheating?

So things seem off in your relationship lately. Maybe for a while. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you’re starting to worry and feel a little bit suspicious. A stranger calls the house now and then and seems surprised when you answer. Or maybe people are telling you they’ve seen your significant with another person quite a bit.

What’s going on? Can you trust your gut?

Well, there’s no way to be absolutely sure short of catching your partner in the act of cheating, but here are a few clues that should tip you off to dig deeper into the question of their faithfulness. Don’t jump to conclusions or accuse without certainty! But these signs might lead you closer to the truth.

Social Media

Have they suddenly deleted their Facebook or Snapchat account without mentioning it? Suddenly friended an ex and chatted warmly with that person? Or maybe they’ve unfriended you or locked their account from your access, and you know they’re not just taking a break from the Internet. It’s natural to be doubtful. Have a serious face-to-face talk with your significant other.

The Phone

Is protecting their phone from others seemingly more important to them than anything else? If another person so much as looks their phone, does your partner get nervous, like they’re guilty of something? Hmmm. Even though smartphones are typically pretty personal things, they’re not top-secret national secrets locked down by the CIA, either. If your significant other shields their phone from you or shies away when you walk by while they’re checking texts, again, it might be time to have a face-to-face chat.

Unexplained Receipts

If your partner suddenly totes random dinner, movie ticket, hotel, or lingerie store receipts and you weren’t there to partake in the fun … well …?  You may be right to question their commitment. Talk.

The Bedroom

Got passion? Not so much anymore? If sex has been lacking for a while, something is wrong. If your lover isn’t asking for as much or is turning you down uncharacteristically, they might be getting a little somethin’ somethin’ somewhere else. But approach the topic with sensitivity. Hurling accusations at them is never a good idea in any situation. You might be wrong about the cheating, and the lack of romantic sensuality could just be stress or otherwise health-related. But asking a few gentle questions is rarely a bad thing.

Unexplained Absences

Is your partner gone a lot lately? Or maybe they’re gone at unexpected hours, and they’re sketchy about their whereabouts. Are they a little too excited about your extended out-of-town business trip? Do they keep tabs on your whereabouts at all times? Maybe they’re even asking you to leave the house to get groceries or run errands while they stay at home. All of these signs could mean they might be carving out cheating time right under your nose.

On the other hand, some relationships are solid. If you’re one of the fabulously happy couples who are still in – or maybe revisiting – your honeymoon stage, congratulations. Enjoy the ride! And use a Glyde coupon to ensure your love is comfortable, optimally pleasurable, and even vegan! Glyde’s goal for pleasure with purpose means you get the benefit of premium natural condoms and lube, and animals are spared cruelty. Go to for more info on their fabulous products … that might just be able to help you head cheating off at the pass, too.