Never Under Estimate the Power of Continuing Education

Never Under Estimate the Power of Continuing Education

We are often told to build up our Continuing Education Credits, but we often ignore this advice and do the bare minimum to get by. It is important to look at these credits as a way to further yourself as a dentist rather than as a way to get your license to practice renewed. If you can show that you have taken the initiative to study more than the bare minimum, your employer may provide you with greater responsibility and an improved wage when it comes to your review, according to Dent

Reasons Why You Should Invest in Yourself & Complete Continuing Education Credits

License renewal

As noted above, you need a set number of continuing education credits in order to practice in the state you wish to work in. This can be something like 50 hours of CECs – sometimes more, sometimes less. If you fail to partake in the number stipulated by the state, your licence will be revoked until you can build up these credits. This is why it is so important to look at the state guidelines before this problem arises.

Renewing and Learning New Knowledge

Of course, for us older dentists that maybe qualified 30 years ago, we will not have the same knowledge regarding modern techniques that newly qualified dentists will have without continuing education credits. This is why experienced dentists need to do these credits as well as newly qualified dentists to standardize the level of treatment, which helps provide the best service to patients right across the country.

Develop Your Career

If you partake in continuing education, it will certainly broaden your horizons and future employability. When you learn new skills, you can take these forward into future endeavours. Thanks to the internet, it is simple to do the work that is required, so there is sometimes no need to travel to seminars around the country, meaning you also save money.

Develop the Prospects and Knowledge of Junior Staff

Continuing education programs are essential for developing and building upon knowledge that a newly graduated dentist has learnt at dental school. Many dentists have found that sending their junior staff members to these continuing education classes is an excellent way to develop team building and boost morale.

As you can see, continuing education credits are vitally important for all dentists to complete. For those of you who need a tool to track your continuing education credits, check out DentReps –