REP: 75% Of College Students Say They Have Good Relations With Teachers

College Students

According to an AfE survey conducted among schoolchildren attending EPR, 75% of them believe that their relations with teachers are good. Good relations with teachers, but problems of disciplineThe vast majority of college students from REP positively perceive the relationship with their teachers , according to a survey (1) of the Association of Student Foundation for the City (Afev). The association, which tackles the dropout rate of students in lower- income neighborhoods, has made public the results of the survey on the occasion of the 10th day of fighting school failure on 20 September.

According to this survey, 75% of the young people interviewed think their relations with teachers are good. They are also 93% to think that their parents and teachers get along well. However, more than half (58%) report discipline problems in the classroom, which prevent teachers from teaching properly.

70% also believe that teachers do not treat pupils fairly, an impression that increases with age: 68% of the 6th are against this, compared with 74% of the 3rd. 42% believe they have already received an unjustified penalty.

The majority of young people feel good at college

The survey also revealed that 90% of school children feel good in their school, first through relationships with friends (88% of them). Discussions with teachers are only cited by 25% of young people as a reason for their well-being in college.

Those who do not feel well cite first the fear of being questioned and assessments (42% of them).

Problems of violence

On the other hand, nearly half of the young people reported having witnessed an act of violence in their institution. 20% of college students report having been victims of physical violence at least once and 40% of insults or mockery . According to the Parisian , 442 serious incidents of class take place every day in the French secondary schools and colleges.

Yet almost all young people (91%) say they feel safe in college, more so than in their neighborhood, where only 81% of schoolchildren feel safe.