Say 3 Steps To Learn No

Say 3 Steps To Learn No

In the past, I had a lot of trouble saying no because I wanted to meet others continually. Although this is a nice feature, it can also be a huge pitfall. Saying to someone else, sometimes does not mean saying to yourself. Because I did not dare to say, I regularly did things I did not fully understand.

Today, I dare to say no more, so I feel better in my skin and feel confident than ever before. Curious how? Today I share three super simple and obvious questions that I have learned to say in three steps.

No say in 3 steps

Previously, I had the feeling that I had to continually account for the decisions I make. But the big joke is that I’m not responsible for anyone, especially when it comes to important choices in my life. That’s why I learned myself to say no without text and explanation. Of course, a short statement may not be angry, but in most cases a simple no is also an answer.

Below I have listed three questions that I ask myself:

1. What do I really want?

The answer to this question is simple: yes or no? Ask yourself what you really want. Does yes say you are happier, does it help you further in life and feels good? Then yes is a good option. Do you get a feeling, do you doubt and do not make it happier? Then no, say a simple solution.

2. Who are you responsible for?

In some situations, do you say happier no? Then you have taken the first step. Do you then have the need to justify your decision? Then ask yourself who you really need to answer. Does anyone really need your account? Or do you justify the made decision to yourself because you try to convince yourself to say no is the best option?

3. Do you ever have to answer?

Do you come to the conclusion that someone does not need your accountability and you try to convince yourself? Be short and concise and let that account be (or perhaps even apologize). I do not want it, I can not and I do not – its fine answers.

No is also an answer

Ever since I put the questions above to me, I can say much better no, and I feel a lot more often. Do you also have trouble saying no? Try to answer the questions below if you are in a difficult position. Practice makes perfect