Tips for Engaging in Enriching Civic Activities

Tips for Engaging in Enriching Civic Activities

Do you have a penchant for volunteering? Are you struggling with where to best spend your time that will have the greatest impact and also be personally inspiring? No doubt you’d like to use your skill set, meet other like-minded volunteers and work together to grow an organization and its local or global impact. From the United Way to the Red Cross, from your local school or church ministry to global hunger relief, there is a never ending stream of needs for which an endless stream of non-profit organizations, teamed with dedicated volunteers, are committed to impacting. Many local communities, whether large or small, have resource centers to help volunteers become aware of community needs and match volunteers with nonprofit organizations that are addressing those needs.

Habitat for Humanity and Veterans centers are always seeking dedicated volunteers to man projects and programs. Decide if you’re more inclined to volunteer for one off events while you discover your niche or if you’d like to volunteer at set number of hours each week. The resources centers will be able to match you with the opportunities appropriate for your skill set and desired time commitment.

If volunteering to build homes or maintain community gardens, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the huge variety of active ware styles available from Finish Line. Grab a pair of gloves, whatever tools you have appropriate for the job and a water bottle and you’re officially a volunteer. Understand the nonprofit organization’s mission, its values and the population it seeks to serve. With this knowledge, you’ll not only be better equipped to serve, but you’ll personally get to know the people that are benefiting from your service.

When you do commit to volunteering, make it a priority. If you’re scheduled to show up and help at a certain time, fulfill your commitment and give it all of your attention and energy. You will be greatly rewarded by fellow volunteers and the recipients of your efforts. Best of luck to you in finding your perfect volunteer niche.

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