Why Digital Marketing Is the Way Forward

digital marketing training

Businesses today are looking to expand their footprint across the Internet. Since they will join the workforce in a few years, it is worthwhile for students to take up digital marketing computer course after 12th standard.

As a student who is looking for direction, you are probably searching for suitable career streams online. An article for ‘Computer courses after 12th pops up on your phone screen, and you start reading it. It provides information on digital marketing courses that will help you get a job. Soon, you start clicking on the links in the article and signing up for a good course.

That article was a prime example of digital marketing – and it’s a great career option for you.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a set of practices that delivers a message across different digital channels. It comprises a wide range of online marketing and advertising activities to engage users across websites, social media channels, search engines, and apps. Digital marketing drives home the marketer’s message in the most compelling manner.

For instance, a travel aggregator will hire a digital marketing agency to design and put out content about new flight routes, flight ticket rates in a certain season, etc. The agency will then design and optimise digital content that is marketed so as to get the maximum views (and thus, conversion to business) for the client.

The different aspects of digital marketing

Digital marketing comprises a series of different activities, broadly falling under these categories:

Paid Search: A form of online advertising in which a ‘sponsored result’ may appear on a web page or a search engine. The client pays when the ad is clicked.

SEO: A process by which digital content and the client’s website reaches the top of search engine pages.

Social Media Marketing: It is a process of creating content that is engaging enough for the audience to share, and eventually become a customer for the brand.

Email Marketing: You can reach customers through targeted email campaigns that offer relevant, conversational content that they can use.

Mobile Marketing: This includes a mix of marketing strategies, from SMS to in-app advertising.

Content Marketing: It supports SEO activities with researched, cleverly-worded content that can become an information tool for users.

Marketing Automation: It ties up all the digital marketing initiatives by automating workflows, measuring the efficacy of the campaign and ROI for the client.

How you can learn digital marketing

The growing number of Internet users in India need to be catered to with exclusive digital marketing initiatives. Various digital platforms form an important link between companies and consumers. It is imperative to be a part of the digital marketing industry, which is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

Since you will join the workforce in a few years, you can embrace several opportunities for growth in digital media by learning key skills in the arena. Taking up digital marketing training is the best way forward – you can take up NIIT’s Certified Digital Marketing Professional computer course after 12th standard to learn the skills required to become an expert digital marketer in the future.

NIIT equips you with the technical know-how to develop industry-relevant content, through learning from industry experts. When you take up this computer course after 12th standard, you get 33 hours of lectures from experts, 10 industry case studies, project-based learning and regular assessment to keep the learning on track.