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– Video demonstrating how septoplasty is performed to correct a deviated septum causing nasal …

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  1. little_nony

    I’m 14 and I need this, I got told (by my mom) when I was young that everybody has that and I told her but it’s bumpy and I can’t smell as good as my left nose and she said it’s normal and then like 4 months before I saw someone explaining this on tiktok and I read comments and then I knew I had it and today I’ll as my mom if I can get it fixed, tbh I don’t like it that way or even can feel good that way I want to smell better there’s tons of chances she would refuse..

  2. Helena Soares

    Just had mine done on monday at night so Im technically on day 2 (3ish) of recovery. Spent the night at the hospital where they always gave me painkillers when I felt pain, which was great honestly lol there’s no need to suffer. Day 2 at home was pretty uncomfortable because of all the mouthbreathing, sore throat and some teeth pain? Idk but might have to do with the entubation.
    To anyone looking to do the surgery, I really recommend it. I won’t sugarcoat it as I’ve seen in other comments: it’s more uncomfortable than it hurts (like a 5 or 6/10 in pain, but the meds do help). I suggest to drink a lot of water (small sips everytime ) to keep mouth hydrated, ice on the spot helps a lot too, standing or sitting up most of the time and lots of comfy pillows 🙂

  3. False Media

    I have a relatively deviated septum, as well as a hump on both sides of my nose. I’ve been extremely self-conscious about it ever since I was eleven. Both my parents have bumps, and my mom actually had her nose ruptured when she was a kid, so she eventually got the surgery and was very unhappy with the results. All I’ve ever wanted throughout my past few years of life was a nice and symmetrical nose. I’ve hit my nose multiple times as a child and my genetics aren’t the best. Sometimes I feel as if my crooked nose ruins my entire face, and other people have told me that too. It’s definitely my biggest insecurity. I absolutely despise the fact that surgery is the only option for people like us :((

  4. Trevor Wilcox

    I'm just now looking into this because when I go to the dentist and he is working in my mouth I can't exhale. I should have looked into it 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with sleep apnea or 20 years ago when they said I have mild asthma. This really seems like the root cause of all of that. 🤞Here's hoping that the ENT Dr agrees.

  5. unboxer

    I had my surgery before two months from Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. The recovery time was too long and painful specially first 3 weeks. Even today when I touch my nose or when I shake my head it feels like I have a loose or broken bone. I wish I was not doing the surgery. Please think several times and ask opinions from several doctors before going for this Surgery.

  6. The Ava Stark

    My nose looks good on one side but kinda not as good on the other, I have this in my nose, I cannot breath through my nose, I'm afraid to get the surgery because I like how I look on one side and don't want to mess it up so I look bad on both,

  7. Nate Peace

    My doctor recommended this for me, and I didn't go for it.
    I opted for the baloon sinuplasty instead. I think I made a mistake as looking back this seems like higher risk vs. reward.
    I don't know. The sinuplasty went well.

  8. The Archaia

    Just had my splints taken out a few hours ago. There was no pain, just some discomfort pulling them out. The rush of air in what use to be a plugged up nostril is amazing. I recommend the surgery if anyone is on the fence.

  9. Maximum Pink

    Gonna get my splints removed tomorrow, I really hope this works, and gives me back my normal breathing again. The week long recovery was pretty frustrating and painful at times. It felt like getting an upgrade in a mobile but having to wait before actually using it. Either way, I'm hoping this surgery was worth it

  10. châu phạm

    Just has it few days ago!! … I feel like it healed after two days… Took 1 painkiller because I was so scared…. but after that I didn't take any to see how much pain…. but it's actually doesn't hurt at all!!!

  11. Jacob

    One note before doing anything…. If you want to have a rhinoplasty along wit the septoplasty and turbinate reduction then u NEED to think it over with urself because when a deviated septum is corrected the nose will look different to u because u have been looking at ur deviated septum nose for years and u don’t know what it will look like after surgery. Same goes with turbinate reduction when surgeons reduce the size of ur turbinates ur nose will very slightly get smaller too because when u turbinates are enlarged aka “Turbinate Hypertrophy” ur nose will appear slightly bigger because of it. So If I were yall who are seeking nose jobs and if u have a deviated septum along with enlarged turbinates u should only first get a septoplasty with turbinate reduction first before ever deciding u want to get a rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty literally changes everything with ur nose and ur nose are connected with ur eyes so u must be careful on what u want to do.

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