Harbor Freight: 10 Things you MAY not know about

This video IS LONG. The audience for it intended to be new shoppers to Harbor Freight. It is intended for education and entertainment. Thank you in advance for watching. Please like and subscribe for more great content.

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  1. PowerStroke Jude

    Did the H.F. app take the place of the coupon database and do you still get a $10 coupon when you join the I.T.C. because I joined a month ago, maybe a month and a half but I wasn't given a $10 coupon. Great info and great editing!!!

  2. Renegade's Garage

    Dale Lucid… I kinda agree… People complain about buying tools from Harbor Freight because not all but most are from China. But they have no problem going to WalMart and buying their made in China stuff. The only people that Americans can blame for the USA not manufacturing much of anything anymore is Americans.. Greed ran most manufacturers either out of business or to other countries.. It's our own fault really. All of the tool trucks sell tools that are made in the USA and some that are not made in the USA, they don't have a problem buying them.

  3. John Gi

    Thanks. I shop at Harbor Freight about twice a month. However, I beg to differ about customer service. About two months ago, I waited on hold for 45 minutes for a tech support question; that's not okay.

  4. Jeramy Furlong-Dixon

    For the wrench organizers, what about super glueing some small rare magnets to the bottom to add more magnet power to go thru the liner. It maybe even work vertically on the side of cart.

  5. biggysground

    Here is some facts you pro HF guys don't post.
    1- Many stores use weak disappearing ink on the sales receipts. A broken spray gun with the receipt stapled inside the extended warranty booklet was returned to the store 6 months after purchase. HF would NOT honor the warranty because the receipt was not legible.
    2-HF does NOT keep records of purchases with extended service contracts let alone from store to store. Your purchase info is only kept long enough to take your money when you purchase the items.

    3- Only the Pittsburge sockets are lifetime warranty. Many stores want to see the purchase receipt. See #1 above.
    4- I stopped shopping at HF due to the lousy customer service. I returned a ball joint separator tool kit 3 weeks after purchase, the clamp tool twisted at the bottom and broke! The manager said I abused the tool and would not exchange nor refund the purchase price.

    5- A bearing separator tool set broke the 1st time used. The threads stripped out on the forcing bolt. Clearly a manufacturers defect and again HF would NOT warranty the set because it was returned after the 30 day warranty.
    My advise to all HF consumers is buyer beware!

  6. Terry K

    On one of your videos you talked about different thicknesses of nitrile gloves and why you preferred one over the other. Can you help me find that video?

  7. cardo

    Good vids, been watching some today. The Harbor Freight tool boxes look like a great value. I know their new Icon series is a full frontal attack on Snap-on tools/tool boxes. One question/comment does HF only offer a 90 day warranty on these tool boxes? If so that seems strange, when Craftsman offers a 10 year warranty on their 2000 series boxes.

  8. OscarWhiskeyFoxtrot

    A shop my brother worked in back in 2008 bought a Blue Point 5 drawer cart for $850 off the Snap On truck, sometime in 2010 I noticed them at Harbor Freight and got one. According to Snap On's website the Blue Point carts were made in China just like the Harbor Freight one's, probably in the same plant. Let Harbor Freight know we need one in Kingman. 😉

  9. Glen Grossnickle

    Really liked your video. Just found you. I just subscribed. I wasn't a fan of Harbor freight but I never really gave them a chance. All I ever bought was Craftsman. But after what has happened to them I started checking out HF. And have been very pleased. Sure l have had a problem now and then but no worries. Went in and talked. And came out smiling. Not like other places. I was in there about 4 days ago and must of stood there 30 minutes just talking about tools in general with the manager. I slipped up and told him about a little problem I had with one of his die grinders but had fixed it and he about lost it. He was going to give me a new one right then. No questions asked
    I didn't even have it with me. I had just came in for something else and he was there. And l was just having a fun talk. You will not find that kind of service anymore. Thanks

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