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  2. 707 SaV

    I'll tell you from experience brotha if I'm on a doen swing when I played I took a week or more off to refresh myself and do my homework and what's happening and go over noted and vlogs.. good luck

  3. MatAlphaTango

    You have to be able to mentally handle the ups and downs, the frustration, etc. For me, I don't play nearly as often as most players. And over the last 5 years, I rarely play at all(<1/month) unless I go on a binge (aka, conference in vegas!). I have to force myself to really play more conservatively and pick my spots because I just don't have the same "feel" for the game anymore. Ironically it usually means I could play for 4 hours and never win a big pot… but also I don't lose a big pot. And if I'm running good, i get confidence and then I overplay hands and can turn into my own worst enemy. I hate losing, but that is part of poker. Discipline for me is the biggest success factor.

  4. Daniel Wood

    Why is playing 5-7 s with mountains of chips a bad hand–as always players are not fond of it when they lose but there reallt good when they hit it–I don't care if he is out of position

  5. Adrian Jimenez

    First and foremost you need to define your goals. If this is your reaction to a 2-4 buyin downswing you will not make it, this is pretty normal in a poker cycle. So either you learn to deal with it or get out. Based on the results you have shown, you have been very lucky this year, and unless the players you play with are the worst in the world, that pace will never be realistic. If you chose to continue with poker you need to keep studying and learn to control you emotions. Its not easy but is doable with work. Best of luck on defining your goals!

  6. Anson

    One thing that is true for most players in downswings is they get into a lot of situations they wouldn’t otherwise be in. And often times play worse. Trying to force there way out of it. I was just in my longest one and am out of it and damn I look back at some of the decisions I was making, just calling off buy ins hoping the guy is bluffing. It’s a bad cycle once it It. Tighten your range, and endure. And study more.

  7. oceanbreeze7777

    jj hand..several warning signs that I take notice of.. 4 ways to a flop, paired board, you block some flush draw combos w J hearts, he donks out, and flats your raise. At this point I think I am slowing down unless a j binks BTW cool channel

  8. James Alexander

    I really like your videos and you seem like a really great guy and please don't take this the wrong way, but you're playing terribly. That's why you're losing. You're just not playing good poker.

  9. Collegian

    Hang in there Ethan.. every player in the world goes thru downswings and coolers. Great poker players get thru them. I use to get furious early on.. get in my car and yell. Them days are gone.. now I think about what I did that session that cost me the buy in. If I did everything correctly and it was a bad beat brush it off… if I played stupid well then I won a stupid prize. Hang in there 🤘

  10. Dan Casner

    You are statistically crushing the game. You lose 1.5k and that’s a downswing? I think you are living in a false sense of reality. I was stuck 1.4k in the first hour of a 2/5 session Friday. Lose 5 or more lives and maybe you can start crying downswing.

  11. Ashok Kamani

    Ethan, winning 10bb at a game is considered crushing it. The numbers you had early on in the challenge are not realistic. To think you can keep earning 20bb+ hour is unrealistic. You are a good player, but you have leaks that's for sure. Keep pushing hard, you need to work on your mental game and you will get thru. Downswings are a true test for poker players. You did overplay 99 and JJ today. Good luck!

  12. Andrew Vodinh Poker Vlogs

    I would bet money that you brush aside all the comments telling you to study or read up. Your plays are still just as bad as a month ago and continue to just pound out videos. You ran hot as hell hitting sets and boats to run good and your leaks are finally catching up to you. Study the game, take a break from the vlogs.

  13. James Ritchey

    You don’t handle variance well. Your play is setup for big wins and big downswings. Plus when you only take one buy-in, not the best way to evaluate if your truly on a downswing. Food for thought. In addition you get too emotional when you lose a big hand which effects your play and ability to bounce back. As you mentioned in the video you had a great upswing so it should be expected for some downswing.

  14. Johnny Ordille

    In 1/2 and 1/3, players very rarely if at all bluff on the river, their hands are played pretty much face up.

    Since you really only play at Encore, this guy probably has a really good read on you. Try Foxwoods.

    I made a really Donk move this weekend by buying one of your T-shirts, waiting to see if that pays off! Lol

  15. Alex thedeal

    Everybody says you are overplaying your hands. I agree but you also have to consider what your opponent might have that makes them put in more money. Most people have something when they do that!!!!!!!

  16. Michael Edwards

    Ethan, i thought you were going to paint your face like the Joker in the car then go back in and shoot the guy in the head that beat you with 57 suited

  17. Dan Messarge

    My guess is you are probably in the neighborhood of $20 an hour so you are slowly but surely coming back down to earth. Also, this doesn't even come close to qualifying as a downswing. I wouldn't even consider that term until you are down at least 10 buyins, which considering the control a good player has over 1/3 NL, you really shouldn't ever have to deal with if you're competent.

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