AFFORDABLE Kingston Homes for Sale |Buying a House in Jamaica | Under 15 million Fixer-Upper Houses will be featured in this video. The Kingston Real …

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  1. Jhaunbonay Smith

    New Subscriber here
    Great Content♥️
    U need to do some videos with upcoming housing developments such as St.Catherine Housing, Shooter's Hill, Phoenix Park Village etc.

    Ps Re: The Shooter's Hill
    The HAJ has made a massive change as it relates to the 1bed/1bath that was listed now persons will have to dig deeper in their pockets & purchase the 2beds/1bath…

  2. Earth Strong

    You did a great job, I appreciate it!
    This price point is perfect and you are right about anything with lower price needing full gut and full renovation.

  3. Lorna Larmond

    Just love you dark Jamaican young lady. I love watching you all the way from London England ❤️. You do nice video's for us to see. Keep up your great work,you shall get far in life. I mostly watch my Jamaican blogger's to support my people.💯💯💯🇬🇧🇯🇲🏝️

  4. Michelle Harris-Smith

    Real Estate in Jamaica is appreciating rapidly. I thought with this pandemic and persons job stability being questionable house prices would stable but instead prices are skyrocketing. And these houses don't stay on the market long either.

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