Repeatedly listen to the pronunciation of native speakers, and it will really improve your Japanese listening level!

The recording will be played four times in total. First, it will be played twice, and you can guess what the recording is about. Then the recording will be played twice, and the subtitles will be displayed on the screen, so you can check the answers.

Keyword: ハーバー・ビジネス・オンライン, ハーバー・ビジネス・オンライン, ハーバー・ビジネス・オンライン

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  1. Depressed tea /depresso espresso

    I’ve always learned that “what time is it” was “ 今何時?” So is the example at the beginning a more formal for of this? :3 I figured the formal form would be 今何時ですか?Or something similar to that but you never know! Lol.

  2. Andy Chen

    hima- free
    sakka- author
    the same –
    come- asobini
    tadashi – right
    nanioshiteiruno – what are you doing
    tsukarete – tired
    mado – window
    denki o kesana – turn of light
    hoshi – want
    sono hanashi – the story
    nan o matte iru no ?
    kao o arai = wash face

  3. Enni H

    I love how you first put japanese 2 times, then one more time with the text, then one time in english and THEN ONCE MORE JAPANESE!! This repetition pattern is sooo effective 🤩🤩👍🏼

  4. Katy Leanne

    The grammar is pretty basic, BUT it’s mostly the lack of vocabulary that’s been holding me back for so long, and right off the bat they’re using many words that are new to me. Super helpful!

  5. Oscar Eduardo

    i have a Q, theres is a phrase (彼は顔が広いです)and the trans is (he knows a lot of people) but isn't it… he has a wide face or something similar?

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