Best & Worst from Harbor Freight’s Memorial Day Sale (2021)
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  1. Chuck S

    When you mentioned the Warrior drill being terrible I thought that might make for a good video suggestion. A compilation of terrible tools that have been sent to you lumped together in one video.

  2. Obwan Kenobi

    You have to like the smell of the warrior 18v as it overheats trying to put in a 3" screw. I haven't burned it out yet, but its battery will live on in the optional warrior flashlight. So at least ive got that going for me 😂

  3. thesinzia

    Protip for those "cube style" tool sets: I used a cheap, small, ratchet strap and it keeps everything from sliding around. An extra step for sure, but man it's easy to see if this box is closed up or not.

  4. jimeronimo

    Oh ya gotta love the tool bear.. They seem to have replaced the coupons with pushing their credit card to get discounts and the membership.. im sure they make far more off the kickbacks with the interest on the credit cards. Keep it going. You're feedback is probably more important than ever now.

  5. Boyd Merriman

    I got the pedestal 30" fan, which I thought was the better buy of the two fans for the same money. The only problem is that it is heavy as lead and needs wheels. I'll put them on soon.

  6. Bmagj2

    My g you're not only informative but hilarious. Thank you for your honesty of some of these trash OR overlooked tools. I've see n you b4, but I've decided to subscribe now. Cheers!

  7. Dc2

    My old grey hydro jack is leaking. I think it's from the 2 pump piston o-rings. Does anyone know what size they are and if they're included in the harbor frieght o-ring kit?

  8. Andrewlikesguns

    I think it was 6-8 weeks back I paid the full price for the Hercules miter saw and stand. That setup is fantastic. Like the bear mentioned, I can store the whole setup in a small space. Super impressed with the saw.

  9. Jin Wang

    I stopped buying from harbor freight since the cost is about the same as big box stores for brand name tools that offer longer warranty. The only thing I would buy from harbor freight is the scissor style transmission jack since it's about $80 cheaper than anywhere else. The only tools from harbor freight that offer lifetime warranty are hand tools which most other hand tools offer same warranty but other items from harbor freight only offer 90 days such as the pressure washer is about $350 with 90 day warranty and you compare that with ryobi pressure washer is $369 and if your military you get 10% off which brings it down to $332 and comes with a 3 year warranty.

  10. CANeighbors

    The ammo box is the new(er) 50-cal box, not the 30-cal usually going for $2.99-3.49. I picked up a couple of 50's early this week for $9.99, so $7.99 isn't too bad…

  11. J D

    Looked for a 3/8" socket wrench since I bent one of mine on a foundation nut. Bent the wrench, looked for a new one… My store was completely out for everything but icons and swiveling head ones.

  12. A&M Custom Creations

    i purchased the armstrong full motion tv mount and it worked great. and for the price it was amazing. btw it was on a 60" tv that is the older very heavy style flat screan.

  13. Michael Musterer

    I work for a large hospital system nitrile gloves are being used in such insane volumes due to the pandemic im actually surprised they are not more expensive.

  14. Bradley S

    I haven’t been to HF since they stopped all the free items and discount coupons. HF prices are just as high now as name brand tools. Just pay a little extra and get craftsman, Kobalt, gear wrench, etc

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