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  1. Ago Contealia

    Watch out for the Magician Mafia, They will make you disappear. It's run by Two mob bosses David Blane and David Copperfield. You don't want them to show you where to put your magic wand for Hogwarts, Spoiler alert, it's on the box.

  2. kurvos

    Disney has stated they are not going to touch the Deadpool movies and let them be their own thing. Also, Disney has owned companies releasing R-rated movies multiple times in the past – such as Sin City and Starship Troopers. You are a liar and a fucking moron.

  3. Jay Carr

    If jackman is casted ina slightly darker Deadpool still R rated it would be gold…right now it’s the only one I’d go see… o more Star Wars and no more marvel. Those are over.

  4. Mr & Mrs Bumanglag

    Seriously Disney needs to stay Disney and Deadpool needs to stay Deadpool. The fact that a children's fantasy company is trying to step on the grounds of something like Deadpool could ruin the movie as a whole. This is nuts, the reason Deadpool was so popular is because of its NO HOLDS BARRED RAUNCHY DEPRAVED NOTHING CLOSE TO DISNEY MOVIES type of action. This could spell the end of this franchise… Avengers was great in its own way, but if they would have made it more real-life and included all the stuff the uncut comics have in it, it would have reached even greater heights than it did. There is a time and place that you need to get away from kiddie viewers and cater to the Adults! and honestly rated R or not, that will not stop the younger kids from watching it, in fact all it would do is cause parents to have to spend time with their kids and take them to the movies or at least due what parents used to do for a lot of kids and buy the tickets for them and let them go anyways…. or is that an issue since Adults have no rights…. Point being before I get off on a tangent I DO NOT WANT NOR WOULD I RESPECT A PG-13 DISNEY VERSION OF DEADPOOL

  5. EvryTime

    That fight in Origins wasn't Reynolds. I love Scott Adkins work, but that fight and ending was shit. Let's see Jackman and Reynolds for real next time. 20 bucks on Wolverine. ( and yes I know he is going to lose )

  6. Robert Monsalvo

    You keep using news from earlier in the year at last update Feige has not stated that he wants to keep Deadpool in the MCU. In fact last I checked Reynolds said Deadpool 3 was cancelled.

  7. Brian Kufchak

    Soooo there is no news and you just made a video to talk about deadpool… trust me they can not make deadpool pg13 have you ever read any of the comics??? He has never been your good guy super hero and if they tone him down as everyone has said it would ruin the character and not be deadpool.

  8. chuckles2035

    I love Deadpool. But let's be real here Deadpool has no business appealing to 'younger audiences'.

    Deadpool is and always has been a comic character for adults.

  9. jared rudolph

    Deadpool 3 would definitely be AWESOME!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒 even with Hugh Jackman ad The Wolverine again

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