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  1. Buck Bowen

    8 Steps:
    1. 1:46 – What state will you file in?
    2. 3:04 – Decide on name of LLC.
    3. 3:49 – Determine how LLC will be managed.
    4. 4:47 – Who will be the registered agent of LLC?
    5. 6:11 – File Articles of Organization.
    6. 7:59 – Prepare the Operating Agreement.
    7. 9:06 – Get Tax ID # from IRS.
    8. 9:49 – Acquire any required tax licenses.

  2. Sydneyyyyyy

    Hi!! This video is so helpful! Is it not advisable to use my name as my LLC name? Some people say to never use your name to avoid liability. Does it mean I should change my business name if I used my name? Thanks so much!

  3. MraLLn1

    I have a quick question. I am about to start up an LLC and I do not own a home. I am renting a home. Is it ok to use the rental home address as the business address?

  4. Stephanie Maria

    Dumb question but when entering in the name of the LLC, do I put LLC there or just the name minus LLC? Hahaa I just don’t want it to be like “NAME LLC, LLC.”

  5. Brian Mcdevitt

    Great informative content. Trying to get info on creating llc’s. Can i create a umbrella llc over my current llc? Since llc’s are pass through entities is it possible to stack 3 llc’s, using profits from the bottom to fun the higher up llc’s? Would be great to see a video on this style of structure and when to create

  6. MonoChiha 831

    I have a question.
    So, this year i plan to start selling online, like on ebay or amazon. Just 2 items this year, and probably 2 or 3 items next year.
    My question is, since i'm a small time seller, do i need a business license or sellers permit? I wouldn't even consider myself a small business (yet.) So an LLC right now is too soon, but eventually. But for this and next year, do i need anything special?

  7. Kathleen Gaines

    I have an llc s-corp that i have not utilized. I still file taxes but i just noticed that i only did a 1120s and schedule k on 2 taxes and schedule c on another. What should I do?

  8. Sumit Shrestha

    Does that out of state rule apply if your business is online/virtual that does not require physical presence in my current residence state viz Colorado? I am thinking of registering my consulting firm in Wyoming since its right next door to me and it gives me no employer tax since i wont be paying myself any salary and want to keep the money with business for some time.

  9. axeandsmash48g

    Good morning. I have a YouTube channel that I am planning on making into a business. I currently live in New York and planning to move to Florida in October. Should I wait to form the LLC in Florida or do it now in New York. If I do it now in New York am I able to transfer the LLC to Florida in October? Thanks for any help you can give. Also this might be a good topic for a future video for you.

  10. Jeffrey Day

    Thanks for putting out such helpful information. I own a SMLLC that is currently not under an S-Corp election. Is there a general amount that a SMLLC should be making in order to be worthwhile making the election? I'm assuming you need to be making at least enough to pay yourself the reasonable salary. If I'm not making enough (yet) to pay myself any certain amount on a regular basis I assume I should stick where I'm at. Thanks in advance.

  11. Jason Williams

    Thank you for this wealth of knowledge! I'm finalizing the purchase of a grant writing business in CA. The current Pres/CEO says that the business cannot provide health insurance for the Pres/CEO. Is that accurate? It is currently an S Corp. The business provides health insurance for the other full time employee. Can you clarify? Thanks!

  12. Por-tia Wilson Rodrigues

    I have a question. Is it better to form an llc using your name or your buissness name? I guess I am assuming that if I use my name everything I develop under my name as the llc will be covered. I hope this makes sense. This was a great post.

  13. Saleem W

    Hello my name is Saleem and great videos by the way I just wanted to ask a question on this particular situation? I live in Pa and I was thinking about forming a LLC . I have my example name here as Blue Arm Beard Co. That is what my logo name is. it says I can't have more than one operating name on the LLC Form I'm guessing I can't put Company and LLC at the same time. My question is how would I go about that? Should I name my business Blue Arm Beard LLC and DBA Blue Arm Beard Co or should I change the logo design and take Co out of the design?

    Thank you

  14. Nomad Original

    Can you be the owner of two LLCs that do business with each other? for example, you own a real estate rental business that rents to your other business (firm of some sort) an office space?

  15. Ricardo Martinez Jr

    First of all thank you so much for these videos I’m learning so much from them. Very informative. I’m going to start my business soon looking to form an LLC in California, I’ve seen on one of your videos that you have partnered up with legalinc . Would they be able to provide tailored needs to form my specific LLC?

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