I purchased two Harbor Freight Franklin scaffolds and stacked them together to see if it was safe. My search through YouTube and trực tuyến was not successful in seeing someone stack two high. I also go over some of the basics and give actual working measurements using single and double stacked scaffolding.

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  1. M Rob

    Quick question for you….are the pins with the springs supposed to go all the way through the metal tube and out the other side? I just got this scaffolding and pin with spring doesn't come out other side of pipe….if that makes sense. Thank you!!

  2. Mark B.

    Excellent review with a solid review on safety!!! If my research is right, the outrigger supports cost nearly as much as one scaffold. Personally, I'd just by a 3rd scaffold and double up the bottom scaffold base to stabilize the upper scaffold. A double wide base would be nearly impossible to tip over. Great review Andrew!!!

  3. Grady Dean

    I have a scaffold like this but made by a different mfg. I made two hand rails out of 3/4" metal conduit that slide down in the top holes
    in the side members. These will keep you from falling off. These go across the long side of top section. Good luck.

  4. Gerald Foon

    I have one of those and cross bracing has already been mentioned by several other people. I just used a 1 or 2 pairs of ratchet straps attached in "X" pattern and tightened them up. Easy to store and change the size of "X" by making the straps longer. Only when the single scaffold with the platform at highest position, I made the "x" brace flat attached from opposite corner post to opposite corner post. That keeps the legs more stable instead of "x" bracing on the side like normal.

  5. Sharon Urschel

    Looks like you have this figured out! Just be really careful way up on the top, Tiffany doesn’t need to come home and find you hanging by your fingers from the beams!

  6. Joe Sharp

    I have owned couple of these scaffolds for over ten years, Tractor Supply sells the same one by the way. I weighed 245lbs and beat the daylights out of the scaffold and never had a problem with it. I used a ladder to get up on mine, and I drilled two holes in a 2×10 and placed it on the top of the scaffold along the back side. Drill the right size hole so that it slips onto the bar but stops where the bar starts to expand. This creates something to hold on to, Keeps you from stepping off the back (it is a narrow scaffold) and its handy to place drills, nails etc on. I used mine on bare but solid ground and wood decks and of course concrete. Never felt insecure on any level surface with the wheels locked. Again, I preferred to use a ladder to get up and down because of a bad knee but after doing that, I prefer the ladder anyway… Joe

  7. sherry svesnik

    Can you buy or create a cross bar to go on both open sides to help you keep your bearings and not accidentally fall. Of course you should use safety harness at all times, but can cross bars be used up there?

  8. Michael Murphy

    If I were in your situation I think I would look into using a third set of scaffold boards. I'd run the sides double high and the platforms triple. If the middle platform could be placed so that it locked the 2 vertical sections together it could provide a bit more stability… and provide a higher staging platform for tools and materials. Working alone creates a lot of uping and downing. Just a thought.

  9. Shane Padgett II

    They also make side railing for that scaffolding with a gate. A friend of mine has all the attachments. He let me borrow a section and has been a life saver for me building my home!

  10. Blair Hanna

    That is so funny. I have that scaffold and use it for a ton of things. When you were working I thought you need my scaffolding. You will love it. I use it for storage when not needing it. Makes a great storage shelf…. on wheels…. I hang my crosscut saw under it hanging on straps so when I need saw I just roll it to where I need it and release straps….. have a great time Andrew. Two high is fine just be respectful.

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