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  1. J M

    Im in the market for my 1st box.. No pun intended.. Had entertained snap on etc.. While I don't need to borrow, I don't mind using someone else's money (OPM other peoples money) for free or even at a fair rate (why tie up liquid capital/cash)..

    The purpose for a box is several things, but foremost an investment to pass onto my kids, hopefully one of them will learn or get the car bug/modify/maintenance itch and have everything they may need..

    By NO MEANS am I professional per se, but as a young man who tinkered and rebuilt a few rotory engines as a very young man at the age of 14 (1994) I knew then I had a calling in the auto world, who doesn't like hauling ass and making sure shit doesn't break down! Rides represented freedom, the ability to get in and drive away, or back in the day hop on a horse and gallup into the sunset!

    Hell my 3rd job was in the parts counter business, that company was so good to me that they even reimbursed my Jr college/Grad program expenses (folks paid for it, I made sure the receipt got passed along to the company for tuition reimbursement) free money!
    Fast forward 20 years, my wife and I run a law practice.. I have the pleasure of being at home all the time and while my wife is a car "girl" herself, Im the one doing the maintenance and repairs, tunes and upgrades.. I have alot of at home projects, and a soon to be driver!

    Thus hence the search for a decent box that wont break my wallet or look like a bad idea on paper and stand the test of time, not saying Snap on or Matco isn't worth it, but why have 10k MORE into a box (justification is a big thing for me, even if I had won the lottery Id still be fruggle)..

    With all that being said, I was poking around at who does what, and what kinda money I was going to spend.. I do plan on going all out per se, but I don't need to spend 10k more for a box because it can hold up an a fully dressed LS engine (which is neat I would say, just not for me).. I have few friends today who are still making payments on a "BOX" like its a child support payment with no end insight (yes I even have a friend had his box repo'd and we helped get it back and re work his debt for him at no charge, great guy, super smart just bad at money management).. And let me tell ya my buddies are proud they owe the tool man/tool truck, which I do respect the business as a business owner!

    Thus Ima take FULL advantage of Harbor Freight "free money" because I have made good $$ choices which allowed me have very strong/phenomenal credit and unlike buying a car these tools can be passed down hopefully to the kids whom wanna use them to their benefit!

    Point being is because of my poking around looking for reviews on certain things and the logic you presented and no BS mentality, I wanted to say thanks and I just subbed and I cant wait for your other content and have now started to binge watch your previous content and Ima turn off the "ad blocker" just for you (which I normally don't do except for a few channels)! Thank you for what you do and the time and effort you have put into your channel! Now I just gotta figure out what kinda box lol.. Cheers! May 2020 be good to you, your family and friends!

  2. Jay Bo

    I respectfully disagree with the bears assessment that the icon box is equivalent even remotely to the krl…one is a tried and true platform and one is a brand new product with 0 track record…branding set aside I think it's to early to make assumptions about which product is a better value…I enjoy hf but I also know there's some things I'd rather pass on

  3. JohnnyDoe

    The whole point of harbor freight is cheap, affordable, reliable tools that the average enthusiast or hobby guy can use/afford. If they start going to these INSANE tool prices, i see problems with HF base in the near future.. CREDIT CARD??? What are they now KOHLS

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