A FAST PACED look at harbor freights month of OCTOBER inside track coupons and what I think are good tool kiện hàng and what tool kiện hàng to pass on. Enjoy and let me know if you like seeing monthly videos of the Harbor Freight Inside Track Club Coupons. These OCTOBER 2020 coupons are valid at Harbor Freight Tools until October 31, 2020. Also be aware that Harbor Freight is no longer issuing coupons for Inside Track Club these are instead discounts or sale prices for their tools. Harbor Freight Tools put out a statement saying that inside track club coupons will now be automatically applied at check out. This is a good thing for Harbor freight inside track club members but a bad thing for non members as now if forces non members to now join the harbor freight inside track club to use coupons and receive the extra thành viên benefits. Harbor Freight also put out a statement a couple months ago as well letting everyone know they will no longer be sending out the Harbor Freight Tools Monthly Coupon Catalog and will now only be emailing a digital inside track club coupon Catalog. If you want to stay up to date on any Harbor Freight tool reviews, inside track club coupons, or my mid month Best Coupons from Harbor Freight video where I break down and only show Harbor Freight coupons that save you 30% or more, excluded item coupons, and new tools coming to harbor freight tools each month. Be sure to subscribe before the end of this harbor freight coupons video.

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This is the sanding discs I prefer. Saves a ton of money than buying in stores!

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  1. Brads Workbench

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  2. L35 in Colorado

    09:21 I have that Metric Service Wrench Kit, 15 pc, and I quite like it. That's a good price, too (I'm not ITC so I used a 20% off coupon when I got them last year). I like that set because in engine bays, EGR pipes/tubes are usually 22mm diameter or larger, so they have big flare nuts on the ends but no room for a long wrench. Those wrenches are great because they are short, but have larger open end sizes. They aren't spec'd super well, but that's not an issue for EGR flare nuts because though they're big, they aren't super tight. I also like those wrenches for hydraulic hose fittings, for the same reason, especially because you don't have a ton of space sometimes but you need a big open end wrench. And also you can put a pipe or extender on the end and use the big ones (33mm, 35mm, etc) for a lot of different makes of fan clutch nuts.

    I spend a lot of money at HF but haven't joined ITC yet, but I might if they put out more coupons for the "excluded" stuff, especially ICON hands and Earthquake stuff. I like this idea of having the coupons automatically apply. Cool video, and thanks for sharing your ITC knowledge!

  3. Ed Siler

    Was again considering the ITC, but after seeing these ads & others…. well, what's the point? Prices look to be the same as regular sale catalog, or very close.
    What am I missing that makes it worthwhile?


    I've just joined the membership. Its pretty cool that you don't have to use coupons. The only thing I don't like is that if its not on sale in the inside track club you have to hunt down that coupon. I think members should get the lowest price if it's on sale.

  5. James' Boat Build

    When you ID yourself as a IT Member and the item your purchasing is only 16% off they wont except the 20% coupon too. SO you just dont ID yourself NO phone number or member card just tell them I dont want to ID myself I just want to purchase this item and here's my 20% coupon. Works every time.

  6. Alex Salazar

    So they did this so non member cant use the coupons, but I’ve noticed that now if you go through the sales online and click on the item and then add it to the cart, it applies the sale price with a coupon, what if non members use that code in store 🤔 would it work? Wondering for ppl that dont have membership cause obviously I do lol

  7. BWs Electronic

    When I first went to Harbor Freight when they came to town I joined. When I stopped buying so many tools I quit. The club is a good deal if you're gonna spend enough to justify it.

  8. Bill Keeslar

    Thedenoftools asked the same question about the 20% and and ITC. And the answer was if you have an item that is ITC and the 20% is a better deal then let them ring up the 20% coupon and it will take off the ITC coupon and apply the 20% of course cannot combine discounts. Its one or the other.

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