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Ferry from Hong Kong Airport to Macau for transferring passengers arriving at Hong Kong Airport Guide in this video travel guide by Hipfig.
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Topics covered in this useful Hong Kong Airport to Macau by Ferry for Transit Passengers guide are:
1). Hong Kong International Airport Arrivals and way towards Macau Ferry Ticket center for arriving passenger at HK Airport without Entering Hong Kong i.e without going through Hong Kong Airport Immigration and Customs
2). Hong Airport Macau Ferry Information for Macau Ferry Terminals – Macau Outer Harbor Ferry terminal (TurboJET Ferry) and Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal (Cotai Water Jet Ferry)
3). Information on Macau Ferry Ticketing, Luggage Transfer, Waiting room and Luggage Transfer check machine at Hong Kong Airport before HK Airport Immigration counters
4). Hong Airport Ferry Ticketing Center to SkyPier by Automated Passengers movers for HK Airport Transit Passengers to take Ferry to Macau
5). Hong Kong Airport Skypier (Ferry Terminal) boarding area information
6). Macau Ferry Boarding process at Skypier and Ferry Ride to Macau from HK Airport Skypier
7). Arrival Process at Macau Ferry Terminal – Immigration, Baggage Claim, and Customs process for arriving passengers from Hong Kong Airport HKIA
8). Macau Ferry terminal arrival hall information like currency exchange, Tourist information, không tính tiền shuttle buses, and Phones
9). Macau Ferry Terminal không tính tiền khách sạn and Casino Shuttle Bus services stop and information (how to take không tính tiền khách sạn Shuttle Bus from Macau Ferry Terminal)
10). Macau Ferry Terminal aka Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal Taxi Stand and Taxi information for Macau
11). Useful Tips for travelers for taking Ferry from Hong Kong Airport to Macau Ferry terminal

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  1. Loh Kwai Yin

    I understand that we can buy the ferry tickets prior arrival instead of queuing to buy the tickets in HKIA. Is there a queue where we can exchange the ferry tickets and arrange for the transfer of the check-in luggage?

  2. Vina Agbisit

    Very impormative video.. Im planning to go to macau this comin dec. So from airport hk there is connecting ferry to macau? And can avail ticket on the spot? Is it 24 hour functioning jet in macau? Hk dollar money can be use in macau? Thanks in advance.

  3. Elliott Pannell

    Thank you for this Great info. After visiting Macau how do we get to Kowloon from Macau to board a cruise ship at Kai Tec cruise terminal? Also do we check our luggage in and where?

  4. Peter Chan

    There are too many violent protests in Hong Kong. Tourists are not recommended to stay in Hong Kong. Instead, they can consider transiting through Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai (a city in Guangdong province).

  5. Fendy C

    Thank you for the video guide, question: Can i still use this route when I have checking luggage from previous flight that my understanding we have to go thru immigration first to retrieve.

  6. Henny Leonardi

    Hi there, want to ask after embark from our plane. We go to the ferry to Macau without taking our luggages first? Can directly to the tiket counter? What if we bought our ticket from KLOOK. I am thinking about our luggages that is after custom?

  7. Imopio ziz

    This afternoon I got the information that because os the protesters , people couldn't ride on a car/bus/taxi and the airport express train had been canceled. However there was a jetfoil/ferry directely from HKG airport to Macau city and my friends could get it at 18.00 o'clock. It's a good time for me , at least is better than risk to waiit until 22.00. I don t know in what Pier/Gate I can get it. Could you help? Thanks a lot. Ziza

  8. Imopio ziz

    Very helpful!!! Thank you very much. I was told to take a taxi premium service but this looks so easy and efficient that I doubt the premium service could be better. Because I arrive at 15.30 and need to take the 17.00 o'clock jetfoil or I have to wait for the 22.00 oclock's. Do you think Premium service can be better? Thank you

  9. vishwajeet kumar

    Do i need hongkong visa if i just need to transit from hongkong airport to macau and macau to hongkong airport using ferry from skypier? Please let me know.

  10. 俪庭LTiing

    very informative video, thank you!
    i plan to go Macau directly from HK airport
    do i need to prebook the tickets or buy it on the spot?
    do they have time schedule? My flight reach at 1355, what time should i buy?

  11. Shelly Sopian

    hi i would be visiting HK on 22 June, 2019 (arrival time flight is 18.40 pm) and plan directly go to Macau. Could i get Turbojet ferry at the airport at this schedule time? If could not, is there any optional way to go to Macau? please kindly help me thank you

  12. CapeofStormz

    Hi. I'm flying to HK and will be arriving very early (1am) .Can I go to Macau by ferry without passing immigration then sail back to the airport later that day and pass through HK immigration?

  13. Clayton Wibowo

    Hello Thank you for your information, but I have 2 question
    1. What is the price (in HKD) for the ferry ticket from Hongkong Skypier to Macau?
    2. So I have booked my ticket plane to arrive in Hongkong first, and if I use skypier (to Macau) that means I will not pass Hong Kong immigration right? I'm planning to go back to Hongkong (from Macau) a day after, but from Taipa to Sheung Wan Hongkong, am I gonna get trouble because I will never pass Hongkong Immigration?

    Thank you for your time,,, really looking forward to hear from you again!


    Hi, after reaching Macau ferry terminal.. is there a left luggage area to store our check in luggage for 24hours.. This way we can be hands free while touring Macau. Appreciate your reply. Thank u

  15. sandra chan

    Hi we booked our ticket to HK did not know we could get to Macau directly from airport. Can we still use this service eventhough final destination is HK? How much is the ferry fare?

  16. Roger Ocy

    Iwill be arriving at HK Airport on Nov 2nd 2018 with flight scheduled to arrive at 11.30am. Is it advisable to pre-book the ferry tickets to Macau for the 1.15pm departure time?

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