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Items mentioned in the video:

Heat Gun From Amazon (For those of you that would rather purchase things from Amazon, like me, this is the one I would purchase if I was wanting to get one):

Heat Gun From Harbor Freight Tools:

8 Qt. Presto Pot Melter (WITH SPOUT):

Wax Warmer Rack/Stand:

Shrink bands:

Amazon Favorites Video:

✨MY web site:
✨All The Supplies I Use or Recommend For Candle Making:
(This is quickbooks, I use the self employed version!)
✨Design Your Own Brand Shirt:

✨Follow Me On Instagram:

🕯Candle Making Playlist For Beginners:


✨Respirator (Size Small):
✨10 Qt Presto Pot (NO SPOUT):
✨Ladle For Presto Pot:
✨8 Qt. Presto Pot Melter (WITH SPOUT):
✨6 Qt. Presto Pot Melter (WITH SPOUT):
✨Pouring Pitcher:
✨Gram Scale For Weighing Fragrance Oil:
✨Shipping/Kitchen Scale (11 lb max weight):
(50 lb max weight):
✨Portable Electric Burner:
✨Thermometer (similar to mine):
✨Laser Thermometer:
✨Rotating Pegboard (Holds my wax melts):
✨6” Pegs For Pegboard:


✨My Laser Printer:
✨Inkjet Printer Recommendation: (I have not personally used this printer, but it is recommended by the social truyền thông media manager, Johnny, from trực tuyến Labels):
✨Dymo 4XL Label Printer: (not a necessity but it helps when you have a good amount of orders going out):
✨Dymo Shipping Label Refill Rolls:

✨My Camera:
✨Lens For Product Photography: (If you have a Canon M50 you will need an adapter:
✨ Lens For Filming Videos:
✨My iPad Pro:
✨My MacBook Pro:

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  1. Michaux Downing

    Your videos are so helpful! Learn so much!! Also I checked out your store and your product are wonderful! Love reading the stories (memories) for each candle!!! Fantastic concept!

  2. Sharon Keen

    Hi Erica!
    I have a narrow mouth heat gun (I used years ago for crafts). And I do use it fir my melts tops with success! I am just careful to focus on the middle part of the melt so it does not touch the edges. I also hold the gun pretty far away from it. Works like a charm!

  3. Impervious Cat

    The heat shrink on the bottles was an awesome tip! I sell room sprays at pop up markets and even though I have tester bottles, people are always opening up the bottles to sell.

  4. Jeanne Drennan

    I remember the video you did about being afraid of your heat gun lol. I also make and sell soap, so I use my heat gun (that was originally a gift for my husband – ha!) to shrink wrap the packaging. 🙂
    Thank you for another great video! 🙂

  5. natalia wiszniewska

    Please make more videos about working with other waxes, your video about GW 464 was great, so many useful information. Maybe some eco-soya waxes review?

  6. Illumitasi

    I use the heat gun with the plastic container for wax melts… just make sure the gun is not close to the container..

    I use the gun to clean and warm up the container

  7. riah najera

    Hi everyone!! I am in the testing phase of candle making.. And I can’t find anywhere that states about the temperature of the vessel when it’s flamed or which a full melt pool. Some peoples at 130F and google says 175F. I tried to stay no passing 150F however to do get spots that pass that temperature. Please if you have any idea or what temperature do you recommend I would really appreciate!! Thank you!

  8. Leah Cesareo

    I absolutely love my heat gun as well , I use it for everything you mentioned, mine has a protective cap over the metal where the heat comes out which takes a lot of the worry out of where I place it down or burning myself, however it is a bit awkward to use but gets the job down , I’m looking more for your style as it definitely would be easier to control. Thank you for another great video 🥰

  9. Despoina S

    Thank you Erica! This video was very helpful!
    I use sometimes a hairdryer to smooth out the tops of my candles, but even though it makes them better, my tops have a weird matte finish afterwards. I was thinking of switching to a heat gun to prevent this, but I'm not sure if the heat gun gives the same texture. 🤔

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