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In this video lesson, we will tell you how to learn Japanese through music. With JapanesePod101 you will learn through simple explanation and examples. This is the best place to start learning the Japanese language!

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  1. そこらへんのメガネ


  2. Schokomuffin189

    I don't think they mentioned metal, though… But I'm guessing it would be ヘビーメタル?


    Is that right? 🦦😅

  3. Maleficent creatures

    I was not in the mood to learn Japanese today and I wasn't even gonna click on the video.but I still did and I understood what you were saying at the beginning and it made me so happy that now I'm in a mood to learn.thank you so much for this

  4. CG

    A method I use is music but also watching anime (better than music to understand the language pronunciation pattern and the way sentences are formed). Also motivated teachers here in yt. If the person teaching is having fun and making you feel a part of it, you want to learn whatever language. Another method: try to guess the strokes everytime you see a new kanji and search the meaning. Another method is putting what you learn to use. Blog about your learning for other people; find speaking partners.

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