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How to say “I” in Japanese | Weekly Japanese live lesson #9

#JapanesePhrases #JapaneseLiveLesson #UsefulJapaneseWords

Keyword: ハーバー・ビジネス・オンライン, ハーバー・ビジネス・オンライン, ハーバー・ビジネス・オンライン

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  1. Leonaleo Art

    I just found this channel and as a half who learned japanese situationally I'm going to use this for stuff I never learned. Thanks for making this channel.(・∀・)

  2. Bryan Candela

    Thank you very much for this!
    You covered a lot more versions of "I" than most other teachers; this was very helpful!
    If I may please ask, I would like to know your thoughts about using うち and 自分.
    Men usually wouldn't use うち, right? Is it 方言?

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