How To Setup Flux Core MIG Welder DETAILED Guide. Everything you need to know to get your Flux Core or MIG welder setup correctly! We talk about safety equipment, tools, wire selection, amperage settings, purchasing or renting your shielding gasses, testing for leaks and all the basic information you need to get started welding. This is a great DIY how to setup guide.

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  1. Rob Burtnick


    I have the Transsteel 2200. I noticed in the video you mentioned the Polarity Settings were done by the welder… this is not correct.

    Selfshielded Fluxcore requires the leads being plugged into front panel DCEN.

  2. Gabe Martin

    Over the past two years I've been through three of the harbor freight welders please spend the money and get a welder that's a little bit better the Harbor Freight ones are great to learn with if you use them very minimal I now have a metal man mp140t welder 10 times better and it is a MIG TIG and stick another option is the aluminum gun with that it comes with the gas lines gas gauges and everything for it

  3. Michael Anderson

    Great comments Brandon.
    Beginning my welding journey and flux core is less costly as I learn .
    Gas is expesive and you will waste a lot as you learn.
    Flux core wire is a little more expesive than solid wire but again you waste that too as you learn.
    and chipping and wire brushing off the slag is not a big hassle either.

  4. Mandel Adams

    In most cases 240v is cheaper to operate via your power bill. I would encourage a 240v or dual voltage machine if it's in your budget. 20 amp breaker vs 15 amp breaker or circuits makes a noticeable difference as well on a 120v source.

  5. Basil Keen

    Good one Brandon. Always love a good scam call 🤣🤣🤣🤣.
    A thought for another video is making a cheap intro scratch start TIG welder from a stick welder.
    I think people just coming into welding might be interested.
    I remember doing it 30 years ago.
    Had to machine my own adaptor back then. No Amazon back then 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Gadgets House of Build

    Great video ! Great advice for guys who don’t know Flux core may be the only welding you can do in that location outside gas isn’t always able to be performed windy outside it’s virtually impossible to use gas! So flux is good to use!!!

  7. Paul Paleschi

    Brandon I’m addicted and have been for 60 yrs with making things from models to racing cars rally cars my eyes have a mind of there own now after welding grinding and the odd battery explosion the old peepers have suffered a bit but I can still see a beautiful women at 50 ft stay safe another great vid 😂👍👨🏻‍🏭🇬🇧

  8. Bryant Fry

    Brandon, I have a harbor freight wire feed welder, and I've converted it to DC welding, and put a Miller mig gun on it. I've not used it yet, but had to get a larger generator to run it. I've also upgraded the ground wire to heavier duty as well as the ground clamp. I bought it as scrap, and had to make my own side panels as the old ones were unavailable when I bought it.

  9. akbychoice

    Thanks for talking about safety, seen too many people get a piece of wire, chipped slag or sliver of metal in their eyes from not protecting themselves properly.
    The Hobart 210 can work off 120/240.

  10. chevylization

    Great video, and now I feel less guilty using the bottom of my machine as storage. Yo should make a video with all the scamcalls, that will be a lot of fun.

  11. Bruce D

    I have used fluxcore at times out doors, but I still prefer dual shield fluxcore even out doors in light wind. It just welds better than regular self shield fluxcore wire. When you first start out welding on a
    tight budget then a straight fluxcore welder or good old stick welder is where to start to learn how to weld. There is a whole lot more to this welding game than first meets the eye.

  12. Korey Williams

    Bruh, rock rooster are awesome. Thanks for the review way back when. Ive been wearing mine every day since I've got them and I absolutely love them.

  13. Korey Williams

    I have a multi process welder I bought from harbor freight and I don't have gas yet so I just use the flux core wire. Its been working just fine. I've built quite a bit of stuff and its super easy to get started and learn to use. Its just wire and the gun. All you have to mess with is voltage and wire speed.

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