Huge New Tool Drop from Harbor Freight w/Smart Electronics? WOW!

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  1. jellybones

    I got that Pittsburgh creeper, used it to pull a transmission, I can say it does not support the weight of one man and a volkswagen transaxle plastic started to bent and buckle, still use it tho

  2. 29madman gaud

    Bear, I'm just OVER: 200lbs.. have owned one for some 2 years, and it didn't last too long, about 1.5 yrs, before the wheels began to break off. So, now I bought they're METAL framed, low boy, with an adjustable headrest………so good so far……it's been some 8 months now!

  3. Tanks critters and urban homesteading

    Be cautions. Those fly by night smart plug companies never last. I've got thousands of dollars in smart home tech and invariably they've all closed up and I can't use them any longer.

  4. Javier Suarez

    Hello Bear Man. I am looking for an offset driving adapter much like what the festool or m12 installation tool. I cannot seem to find one to buy. Perhaps you can use your powers of influence to get some tool type store to get on the R&D to make it available as a separate drill attachment. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  5. Steve Eoute

    Harbor freight is on its way to be like the old craftsman Sears. The icon stuff is good not pro tool truck great but for the home diy person it’s fantastic. The power tool have really improved. used to be buy a grinder at Harbor freight and the grinding wheel would last longer than the tool

  6. mos 8541

    wow…WHITE..umm just use a can of Krylon like the rest of the world and paint it anyway u want. I have painted several of my DeWalt and Makita boxes both pink sparkle and purple metal flake to deter thieves. What I should do is find some HF tool cases in the dumpster and put real tools in them, LOL

  7. Paul J

    Kinda frustrated with harbor freight, 3rd Hercules battery has died, my icon tools have worn pretty poorly.. I started shopping there a while back and I don’t go at all anymore, stuff just doesn’t hold up long term.

  8. Thomas Hajicek

    Went into my HF and asked about the Bluetooth stuff. They looked at me like I was from another planet and said they had no clue what I was talking about.

  9. TheMadSnap'er

    the geeni products are really good , wallyworld sells them under the merkury brand , Ive got 3 cams for home, 3 for work, a cpl of the plugs and lighbulbd .. Ive used Dlink and Arlo and others in the past, these by far are the simplest to get going.. micro sdcard is all you need .. that being said, you will need to link them while next to your router then relocate to where u want them placed.. ceiling fans, sunlight and lightning will set of the motion alerts .. I also use the samsung wisenet / nighowl at my shop , it took me a bit to run the cable for it is why I got the geeni stuff, that dlink crap makes u wanna pull your hair out to set up .. anywho , thought id share

  10. Colin Klang

    I have the stool. I wouldn't say the build quality is great but I got it on sale so I know I'm getting what I pay for. Hopefully I don't get the pole position anytime soon!

  11. Eric Mackison

    Anyone with a newer tahoe or suburban and a small "box store" trailer would be interested in that ball mount. Their receivers are taller than pick-ups because they are recessed into the bumper.

  12. Doug Lanter

    Hey Bear,

    That hitch would be awesome used as a 6" riser on the back of a UTV like my Polaris Ranger. The factory hitch is so low it is almost unusable.

  13. Hothwasaninsidejob

    I think at least from the image it looks like the casters by the head have 2 bolts holding them in compared to 1 bolt. I dunno I’m just eyeballing it and it could probably have zero effect on the casters durability.

  14. Rick Padilla

    You've mentioned "The Bear's Den" a few times recently. When I search for it, I find a music channel and some other stuff I don't recognize as what you've described. Can you provide a link for that? Thanks.

  15. Christopher Enoch

    If you have a 3D printer, just print the US General "White" parts and add a stick-on magnet to the back. I've printed several tool organizers with and without magnets. Life is great, Shine On, and God Bless!

  16. shawng7902

    figures, I waited and watched the 56 bottom box go from 650-800, and now I will bet money they are going to come out with a white toolbox line. Right after I bought the black.

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