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  1. Paul Dixon

    Hello Joe. I'm new to Ohio Wood Burner but you're a real inspiration. Your videos are full of tips and advice that will help others along with unbiased guidance on the machines you use.
    I'm looking to do something similar and go it alone making firewood.
    Small steps first though.
    Our market in the UK is slightly different as the cut/ split lengths required in my area are generally shorter (12"-14")and it's not as commonly used in restaurants. Mostly domestic sales.
    The same sales techniques as you employ still apply though.!
    No petrol powered machinery here though, too costly to run with our fuel prices, approx £6 sterling per gallon. Ouch.!!
    Keep up the good work, looking forward to more firewood fun from O.W.B😁

  2. Solvang circus

    I live in Southern California and I have a oak that did that exact same thing except it went all the way through and it came back out on the other side

  3. Michael Jensen

    At what cost. I have 20 acres of wood. The cost per cord is very low…gasoline, oil, an occasional chain for the saw, some log splitter maintenance–probably between $5-10/cord. Buy one of these, and I probably raise the cost to over $1000 cord. Cute toy, but not practical for the average individual.

  4. markbuilt

    Glad to see you have a system working out , the less you handle the stuff the better on the old body . The enterprise is growing happy for you . And with that its off to snowplow the bush road here to the log landing and wait for mud season and half load season ugh . Be safe

  5. David Bailiff

    I live in lower Michigan about 25 years ago I was work as a power line bucket trk. line clearing; I ran into a hard wood tree than had a "handle" such as yours…..

  6. Spurious Effect

    I'm curious, why do some people cut up their firewood so small? I've used wood heat all my life, and slower burning wood has always been more desirable.

  7. Robert McCall

    Hey I have the same tractor in the kioti….. very cool they started making there own tractors… whenever I get parts it's under bobcat for my tractor not kioti.

  8. Shawn Daly

    In regards to the weird log with a handle, I recommend looking up a youtube guy named arborist Blair Glenn. He of all people would be able to tell you more about this weird log you found. He's an arborist out of Sarasota, CA and also a woodworker. Incredibly knowledgeable on trees and you can really tell he has a true passion for his craft and educating people. Check his videos out and maybe send him an e-mail about the weird log as he often does videos of oddball stuff like this where he dissects anomalies in trees.

  9. Dan Sinnett

    Was that machine given to you? I wonder would you have it if it was not? I am just wondering the cost and if a person bought one how many cords of wood would it take to pay for it and if the average wood selling guy could ever justify it.

  10. Bill Byrnes

    A picture of that log with the home grown handle, would look great on the door of your truck, with your name around it? What do you think? Huh, wouldn't it?

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