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Welcome to Dish Granted! Where Steven has 24 hours to create the most extravagant dishes for his guests. Today’s episode features the one and only Keith Habersberger from The Try Guys.

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Created and hosted by Steven Lim
Co-directed by: Tony Kim (@tonykfilms)
Guest: Keith Habersberger
Phone-A-Friend: Kiano Moju
Culinary Producer: Kiano Moju
Edited by: Charlotte Richardson & Stephen Castro
Production Coordinator & Sound: Brittney Lee
Camera Operator: Jay Tran
Production Assistant: Meredith Edmonds
Creative Director of Post Production: Anthony Frederick
Head of Development: Katie LeBlanc
Production Manager: Nicole Beaudoin
Executive Producers: Steven Lim, Shane Madej, Ryan Bergara
Show Logo designed by: Casandra Ng (casandrang)
Special Thanks to: 99 Ranch & A Cut Above Butcher Shop


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  1. Jade Yu

    oh god damn, i loved this!
    steven always gives his best and im actually really interested to recreate this on my own too!
    and as always, i fucking LOVE keith T__T the way he reviews food especially chicken?? /chefs kiss my dudes

  2. Aanchal Bengeri

    Im like half way through and I know Keith is going to have hell and heaven cuz that fried chicken looks bomb and the numbing spicyness of the chili oil maybe not the best for someone who has a geographical tongue … All the best Keith
    Ps. Amazing job Steven!!

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