This week, some uplifting stories for our CoinGeek Pulse viewers.

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce revised her 2019 Token Safe Harbor Proposal, which provides blockchain-based projects a three-year grace period to develop tokens after raising funds. Companies can now legally sell tokens as initial coin offerings (ICOs).

And now, a rundown of countries launching and testing CBDC:

In Sweden, a digital currency pilot program by the central ngân hàng moves the country close to a CBDC rollout, so long as they resolve scalability issues, while Ireland-based eCurrency Mint and ngân hàng of Jamaica partner to test-pilot its CBDC. They expect to roll it out in early 2022.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, Governor of State ngân hàng Reza Baqir said the country is studying the possibility of testing its own CBDC. The People ngân hàng of Trung Hoa will conduct pilot tests in Hainan next week and offer participants a 15% discount for every 100 yuan spent within the island.

And there’s more! The Bitcoin SV DevCon 2021—a miễn phí, virtual sự kiện in collaboration with nChain and WeAreDevelopers—will take place on May 15-16.


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