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  1. The Den of Tools

    !!! ATTENTION SMOOTH-BRAINED TYPES COMPLAINING ABOUT PRICES !!! I said in the video that prices were likely wrong on most products, so if you came here to complain about the prices I have to ask? Did you eat paint chips as a child???

  2. Impatient Ape

    Think about it dear bear… those red-tinted goggles are not for eye protection purposes. They are for creating better visual contrast between your laser spot and the target area.

  3. David P

    Where's my contractor saw? They've refreshed the hell out of their miter saws but the only change to the Herc TS is a fence update. Come on freight.

    Track saw would definitely be on my list too though. I'd want a Herc track saw though that they throw everything they got into to really (try to) compete with Makita. If they set their sights low and make a WEN competitor it'll just be another chinese Wen/Titan – Scheppach/ShopFox/Grizzly kind of deal with no unique or interesting qualities.

  4. Andrew Diebold

    I'm not surprised that the Bauer router is going away. It's basically the Rocky 30 from MLCS and the cordless Rocky has been out for a while. The prices at Harbor Freight were at best the same as MLCS (and you can get all your cheap router bits there too). The clearance price is only $5 better than the MLCS price.

  5. J. Slink

    If(and this is a big if)Bauer can make this new cordless 1/2 in. brushless impact at least as good as the 1st gen. 1/2 brushed impact I might be interested, but really they need to make it better than the 1st gen. since they dropped the ball on the 2nd gen.

  6. dangerous1989

    Those daytona jackstands are probably going to be in the same price range as the Sunex and Torin Big Red aluminum jackstands. Same style, different color.

  7. Rene Caballero

    Lmao 180 for brushless 1/2 in not bad. I’m already in the Bauer line wouldnt mind buying more Bauer I use my daily at the dealership. The 3/8 I have is good for what it is. I’m not spending 800+on a snap on 3/8 and battery combo brushless or not I’d rather have my flank drive plus wrenches or something else. Other than that 180 not bad. Milwaukee is not in the picture for me as it is not cheap and battery problems. I do not expect issues from a brand at that price point. HF messes up it is what it is because I didn’t pay 800 dollars but that’s just my opinion. I own snap on Mac and Matco also HF gear wrench etc.. actually looking fwd to new Bauer stuff

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