LEAKED! Harbor Freight Clothing (Would you buy this?)

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  1. Jeremiah90526

    This is mostly company apparel, you know, for employees. How the heck did you get this link? As an employee I had to be sent this link by an assistant manager. And I still did not get the dang hoodie because I figured that just having a standard vest (that I actually got from Tractor Supply) to go out during the cold months for things like truck was good enough.

  2. Jason Head

    Interesting, I never would buy a Harbor Freight condom! Maybe a hat? They are trying to compete with bigger stores. I think they should stay where they were at.

  3. Scott Warmbier

    Not really "aspirational brands" but I would buy a couple shirts at those prices since the company likely "subsidizes" it somewhat. I don't really buy or wear much "logo wear" except for the company I work for. I think my neighbors would rather me wear an ICON t-shirt vs. no shirt at all when I'm mowing the lawn or washing the truck 😉

  4. WyoJoe

    Hey red, any info on the us general side lockers that seem to be discontinued? Is that the case? Is it a supply chain issue? Or is the a new version coming? Thanks. Love the channel

  5. Eco Mouse

    I don't wear (obviously) branded clothing anymore. Once I realized that I was a walking billboard… and then finding out just how much a company spends on ONE actual billboard, I vowed never again to pay them to advertise. If it was free, and I actually liked the brand… maybe. But it really should be a situation in which I'm paid for my time, visibility, proximity to other target demographics, time of day… all those things go into account for regular advertising. I shouldn't be the cuck in this one sided abusive relationship.

  6. Team Wagy

    Website has been in place for years, my old manager used to order all of us stuff at times on his personal dime. My harbor freight had a great group of guys

  7. Garou Wolfs Haven

    The employees started wearing these a few years ago and I remember telling my local store manager that they needed to make it available to the public. Merch is just no brainer, people are paying you to advertise your logo. Awesome deal.

  8. Dennis Gilbert

    I wouldn't we're and advertise if I had too buy , I they want me too advertise for them they have to provide and give
    That is why I won't wear a cabela's hat or Bass pro hat and they are like toy stores for men

  9. GVR Tools

    I would totally get some shirts. I support Harbor Freight. The money I save and the convenience more than buys a shirt or two. If I believe in something or someone, I am more than happy to promote them.

  10. Jose Lozano

    If anything, they make great work clothes to get dirty & for that cheap I would consider it. I do landscaping for a living & auto mechanics on the side.

  11. Steven Below

    My Harbor Freight page doesn't look anything like yours. I couldn't find these deals and when I searched for Moleskine it came back with nothing. Those notebooks are very nice and usually very pricey.

  12. Antonio Claudio Michael

    If they were in stores no I would never buy them unless I needed a cheap shirt to get me by for keeping my nice shirts from getting greasy @Thedenoftools

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