\Today’s Topics//
1. why do you want to learn Japanese?
2. what is your purpose of learning Japanese?
・Japanese daily conversation
・Japanese lesson for beginners

\hỗ trợ tư vấn Me//

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\Which is Your Japanese Class?//

\Practice Japanese Phrases and Words//
→Japanese common Phrases series:

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  1. Andrea Loera

    I want to learn so that when I travel to Japan it can make my experience that much more wonderful. I’m also a nursing student and I hope to add Japanese to my languages so I can better communicate with my patients if that is their native language.

  2. Chelsea Anglin

    (~O~)/おはよぉ このビデオを2時間から遅れてしてしまった😫 次取ったLIVEstream を楽しみに!楽しいそうな会話だった。

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