This is what happens when a quartet who has committed itself to the good old days realizes that, one day, the pop songs of today will be considered “good old …

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  1. Greg Stickler

    Hi guys love you so much
    How does one in their mid sixties
    Who sang barbershop in quartet and chorus in the the mid nineties in Brisbane Australia
    And sung solo and in worship teams and choirs in church all his life
    But hasn’t sung at all since 2015
    Now finds the opportunity to be part of a chorus that sings to honour the n@me of God the Father
    But has extreme wobble in the voice,(mind you I always had vibrato but never wobble)scratchiness and lacks breath control
    Also has part loss of hearing in right ear
    Is there any exercises to bring back that voice I had
    I was a natural tenor who went into head voice when necessary
    I have missed singing so much
    I have been battling depression and I know to be able to sing again would mean so much to me
    But Because I know what I use to sound like,when I’ve tried to sing I shut down embarrassed of the sound I’m making
    I’m a gardener so I use to love singing out in the open to Jesus but no more because it sounds terrible

    When I heard Fred I loved their ability to be comedic stop the song and come back again
    They brought fun and life to barbershop
    Then I came across you guys who did the same
    And then new fangled four
    Please help me ➕🌈🇦🇺🇮🇱
    I go for audition next Friday
    So no pressure 😁

  2. Deimos

    I'm sad that old very good music is replaced by rape, swearing, cars, guns, and thots. While back then was simpler and better. And the fact that old aging makes these types of songs more sadder.

  3. Flueffy The foxo

    In 20 years these won’t be my songs I sing as I’m a old school kinda kid with songs with Freddy Mercury,Chuck Berry,queen,under pressure,thriller and other songs and old artists
    Edit: and I have to thank my parents for getting me into this old school music that (in my opinion) are better than modern music

  4. Melissa Nichols

    I don't know why but I WAS NOT expecting Gangum Style but damn it took me right back to junior year, the third pep rally of the year and I watched the most entertaining teacher dent the gym floor that was only 3 years old…..Mama Ram was NOT happy!
    Loved the song and the fresh take on these classics I grew up with – or tried to, anyway.

  5. Michelangelo Parker

    The average person doesnt get how incredibly complex this is just for ONE song. Even if you’ve been doing music professionally for years this is extremely complicated to do, and i hope it doesnt go unappreciated

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