Percy Greaves, Jr. blows the top off a decades old cover-up, reporting for the first time on long-suppressed interviews, documents, and corroborated evidence. Greaves provides comprehensive coverage on the history of U.S. and Japanese relations, the actions of the Roosevelt administration, the attack and the response on the ground, and the investigations and cover-ups that began almost immediately and continue to this day. Narrated by Millian Quinteros.

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Percy L. Greaves, Jr. (1906–1984) was a không tính phí-market economist for US News (the forerunner of US News and World Report) and authored several works on economics, including Understanding the Dollar Crisis and Mises Made Easier. He was also a seminar speaker and discussion leader with the Foundation for Economic Education. Percy and his wife Bettina Bien Greaves (1917–2018) were long-time associates and friends of Ludwig von Mises, and regular attendants at Mises’s New York University seminar.

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Pearl Harbor: The Facts Behind the Fiction

Motives Behind the Betrayal

Scapegoating Kimmel and Short

The Great Deceivers: FDR and the “Infamy” Behind Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor and the Engineers of War

How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked nhật bản’s Attack on Pearl Harbor

Was America Planning to Attack nhật bản before Pearl Harbor?

Backing nhật bản Into a Corner

Pearl Harbor: The Story of the Secret War

Back Door to War: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy, 1933-1941

John T. Flynn on Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor

A Brit Propagandist and the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941 . . . a Day of Deceit

Backdoor to War and Infamy

Getting the Other Side To Fire the First Shot

FDR, Pearl Harbor and the U.N.

Why We Fought

Rethinking the Good War

No Accident: The Continuing Betrayal of American Interests Is a Matter of Policy

Players, Plans, and Betrayals

Framework for World Government

Sowing the Wind: Myths and Realities of the Second World War

Making War

America’s Will to War: The Turning Point

American Isolationism, 1939-1941

How Americans Have Been Misled about World War II

America’s Asian Empire: Aggression, A-Bombs and Other Atrocities

Dying For the Emperor? No Way

Why Americans Believe That Bombing Hiroshima Was Necessary

The Terrorist Attacks of 1945

Bombings Worse than Nagasaki and Hiroshima

War, Peace, and the State

War Collectivism

Great Wars and Great Leaders: A Libertarian Rebuttal

America’s Second Crusade

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

A Century of War: Lincoln, Wilson, and Roosevelt

The Costs of War: America’s Pyrrhic Victories

Wilson, Churchill, Roosevelt and Bush: The Banality of Betrayal

Woodrow Wilson’s Faith in War

Understanding America’s Many Wars

World War Two, a View From Different Eyes

Deceiving Us Into War

A Walk in the Northwoods

Defending the Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy of Our Founders

Minding Our Own Business

Fallacies of Isolationism Exposed

The Betrayal of the American Right

The ‘Good War’ and Defend America First

Why They Hate the America First Committee

John T. Flynn: Exemplar of the Old Right

Garet Garrett: Far Forward of the Trenches

Charles Lindbergh: Dauntless High Flyer

FDR vs. Lindbergh: Setting the Record Straight

John T. Flynn and the Myth of FDR

FDR’s Patriot Purge

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