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  1. JstcountryGirl

    Ohh my favorite subject!!❤️ I love soooo many…. SkinMedica & SkinCeuticals are tied for me as faves…. But I do love Biopelle almost as much… Sanitas is a close 2nd too… Least favorite is Osmosis. I know it has a cult following but it was awful for my skin….. Love any laser… Going next month for my 1st CO2 & I can not wait…. Great video… I could talk skin care for yrs, Lol

  2. bridget Helm

    Hi. Which vitamin C serum do you like the most? i can’t tolerate the scent of Skinceuticals, and i know many others Lascorbic serums stink like hot dogs as well.

    I recently switched to tetrahecyldexyl (THD) vitamin C for the lack of stench, but the one i bought was too oily and caused a fierce breakout. It was a great formula as far as good ingredients and percentages, so i am sad to have to start looking for another. After ruling out all the effective but stinky ones, I was left with Sunday Riley, allies of skin, truth treatments and Vitabrid C 12. I then heard that Sunday Riley’s and allies’ are both oily, so I’m left with vitabrand C 12 powder and truth treatments, and I’m considering skinmedica’s vit c serum too but I’m thinking that one probably stinks since it has l ascorbic.

    Or should i just skip vitamin C altogether and buy skinmedica’s double pump serum with the growth factor?

    My current skincare routine consists of retin A, skinmedica lytera (LOVE), dr somebody pore refining serum, and timeless coQ10 serum. I alternate some glycolic and AHA’s in there too.

    Should i add a C serum? If so, which one? Or should i add the skinmedica double chamber with the growth factor?

    I’m 41, pretty fair, and have acne prone skin during ovulation.

  3. Dottiecassidy1

    Mandy Davis, have you done (or could you do) a tutorial on your eye look in this video- using Laura Mercier Caviar sticks – Nude Rose and Sienna? It’s so pretty!

  4. Terri Thompson

    Great video, thank you. We love the True Story Christian movies too! If you haven't seen BREAKTHROUGH yet, def add it to your list – it's either on Netflix or Amazon. It is so fantastic. We plan on watching I STILL BELIEVE this weekend. Also, how often are you using your Curology Trenitoin? Also, thoughts on the new BC Bright Vit C? I was going to get the PreSale today, then saw it is only 10% (REALLY ONLY 5%) – so I'm waiting on other reviews as I love the TruthTreatment and Revision. I'm using the Jane I Hyaluraonic Acid now, but do want to try MaeLove and SkinMedica next.

  5. Megan Kopetsky

    Hi Mandy! I completely agree on seeing immediate changes in the skin with Truth Treatments. I’ve used tretinoin cream for probably 5-6 years now, which has been tremendous in combatting acne. However, the only other skincare I’ve tried since that time that has provided immediate results has been TT. 🙂 I’ve recently started using Neocutis BioFirm (only two weeks in) thanks to you and IS clinical active serum. Both of those items are great, too! 🙂

  6. Carol Ivy

    You are not alone on the Tatcha and It Cosmetics skincare, my skin breaks out from them too. I had a few chemical peels several years ago that ended up really doing damage to my skin barrier and I am still trying to repair it back to normal. Is there anything you would recommend?

  7. britlun09

    I couldn't stand the alcohol in the IS pro heal serum. Such a strong smell I could barely wait to get done with that tiny sample. And I was also shocked Beautycounter uses denat. Alcohol in their rose water spray. I had to do some digging to find out what kind of alcohol because they don't specify in the ingredient list and when I asked her why she said their scientists are confident in their science and ingredients. 🙁 booo. There are so many other better alcohols to use. You may have noticed how much I love that product lol so I was a tad sad.

  8. zorayadominguez

    😍 Most of my skincare comes from your recommendations. I could almost guess all those answers right! 😆 I watched you on my tv and my 3 year old son “kissed” you lol💋🤣😅 xoxo

  9. tash McLaughlan

    Great video tag. I just love it..
    can you please recommend your first choose out of the skinmedica vitamin C or the revision 30% vitamin C? . The truth treatments vitamin C is just way out of my price range unfortunately.. thank you.

  10. Crystal Riner

    Thanks Mandy, I’m a skin care lover as well. I’m looking for some new products. Thanks for doing this video, and giving me a movie suggestion!!!! I guess I’ll be crying too. Xoxo p.s. did go over, and subscribe to penny’s channel!!!!!

  11. Sue Cone

    I so agree with your SPF loyal use! I have had 2 pre cancer spots and one was on my face. People think I am nuts when I apply it before anything else, but my Dr agrees. I do get a VI peal ever 6 months and it is amazing how great that skin looks after the peal is over. I got sucked in and am using BH Drs skin care at this time, but I will not be repurchasing when it is up as it is expensive and I haven’t seen a fantastic results. I agree about skin scrubs that have pieces of something in them as they are really tearing the skin. I do like the Tacha exfoliating powders they are so fine. I have ashma and I am over 70 so I am home bound, but I have been cleaning and doing some things I didn’t seem to have time for. Thanks 🙏

  12. Letizia Vaccaro

    if you did go on talking about skincare for days i'd be there for it haha i could get some snacks, warm blanket, plan my bathroom breaks accordingly, and have a skincare video marathon 😄 have you ever had issues ordering online with skincare like the truth treatment or revision? i worry ordering from sites i've never heard of, especially after bad experience with dermstore

  13. Sue

    Very interesting video. I’ve also had issues with a few of the iT Cosmetics products. Even one of their foundations caused a few break outs. Still enjoying the TT Vit C… and I’m a big fan of Cerave moisturizers & cleansers. I also use my soft head razor to shave areas on my face; I have several light hairs by my upper lip, chin and neck and it works great for me. Couldn’t agree more with your opinion about SPF 👍💕

  14. bamudroch

    Loved this! I could listen to you talk skincare all day ☺️ Have you tried the Le Mieux Vit C? I just recently started using it. I really like it so far and love the ingredients. I'm really wanting to try the Revision Vit C as well as Truth Treatments. It's just so hard to justify the price of Truths Vit C 😬 I really need to do it tho, to see what all the hype is about. Lord knows I've spent more on skincare before, lol. I agree with you about It cosmetics but I do love their Bye Bye under eye cream. I alternate days with that or the Epionce eye cream (thx to your rec 😉).

  15. Sabine H.

    That was interesting, thanks Mandy. What about some middle of the road lines? Like bareMinerals? I hear that poreless line is good (so das hasn’t arrived in Canada yet though). And Caudalie? Any “clean” line suggestions that are not super, super high end pricy?? Thanks Mandy and God bless xoxo

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