Watch the Match Highlights from A. Barty vs. D. Collins, 02/24/2021

[Video Review đánh giá] A. Barty vs. D. Collins | 2021 Adelaide Round 2 | WTA Match Highlights

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  1. Earthly Civilian

    Adelaide Tennis tournament must be run by old foe-gees. Listen to the crappy old hippy music they play on the change overs and they have an announcer yelling on the P.A. system to the crowd about nonsense – so chinsey!!! OLD FOE-GEES stuck in the 70s. Despite all that, the tennis is good somehow.

  2. bigrobsydney

    Really enjoying the new Dani. Less of the loud "come on" every 2 seconds, and just focusing on her game. She looks a little fitter this season, too. But the biggest difference, is she is hitting towards the sidelines on discretionary shots. She will have a better season thanks to that, but will need to improve her power levels, because all the top players will be trying to blow her off the court, and if she doesnt take charge in a point early, she'll be in trouble. Well done Dani.
    Not sure what's up with Ash. Her slice seemed to be short today, and not very effective pushing the opponent back to set up the next strike.

  3. Coleman

    So Collins accused the chair umpire of siding with Barty on a disputed line call because Barty is Australian! The umpire warned Collins about questioning in that manner and she abruptly shut up. Yikes! I Wonder what Collins would have said if the umpire and opponent were black, Japanese, Hispanic, etc.? Very revealing episode from Collins. She told on herself.

  4. Armin

    Where is the altercation with the umpire? Why aren't they showing if Barty's shot was actually out? Anyone have a link of where I can find the actual point?

  5. oakleyducati1

    Was never and won’t ever be convinced with Barry being number 1 in the world when we have clearly better players than her currently playing.

  6. Simon R

    WTA has been dead for years now. Can't belive they are getting the same money as ATP players.
    In 90s WTA had so many super stars and they were getting shit money….It's not fair really.

  7. AlanGB

    Congrats to you Miss Collins from a tennis fan in Australia, the only thing the darling barty will be holding onto is that beer she always seems to have in one hand, she's made her fortune so bye bye and lets get those rankings in true order…

  8. Michael Blasi

    No1, lol your kidding yourself barty it's over.You will be outside the 10 not to long. Like she was ranked 250+ just a couple of years ago. How do you jump so many spots in such a short time, must be a friend on the inside helping her rank.

  9. Michael Rapson

    Barty is a good player, but her number one ranking is a bit unrealistic. She's just top ten or slightly below. Hopefully, she still has the capacity to improve in all areas.

  10. italo36

    Barty will have to develop a weapon if she wants to stay at the top of the rankings. She will need a big serve of a big forehand or something as she often loses by getting overpowered.

  11. Patricia Bazzi

    yeah that rankings are off but there is no doubt barty is just as good as osaka. look at bartys past results in 2019, even 2018 before she broke through, she has only lost before a r16 of a tournament 4 times. her consistency is the best in the wta, even better than osaka's, yes osaka is in form rn, but you cant drag barty for her gameplay, she is doing incredibly well compared to other players who have been out for a whole year like bencic

  12. Ezra Kiiza

    I'm sorry but A. barty is overrated tbh, what the hell is this??? C'mon now WTA, take that #1 ranking away from her and maybe she will learn to stay consistence with wins. I think Naomi is more fitting for World #1.

    The ranking should be like this.. For top 10…

    1. Naomi Osaka
    2. Sofia Kenin
    3. Simona Halep
    4. Aryna Sabalenka
    5. Serena Williams
    6. Ashleigh Barty
    7. Elina Svitolina
    8. Karolina Pliskova
    9. Belinda Bencic
    10. Iga Swiatek

  13. David Vizentainer Scalvim

    People talking about Naomi being the real number 1 – where were you in 2019 when she couldn't lift even a 250 tournament trophy while being number one? I'm not even talking about her being beaten by Siniakova in the third round of RG and by Putintseva in the first round of Wimbledon. All of that while being number 1.
    On the other hand, Barty made it to the final in Beijing, won the Finals, Adelaide and made semis in AO 2020.
    Come on, tell me who did the best as number 1.

  14. deepak mahajan

    Poor Naomi being robbed of number one. Wta system is pathetic. They shouldn't count weeks. Barty might up third season as number one. Wozniacki teas

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