‘English for Everyone – English Grammar Guide’ by DK is a new English textbook aimed at those who want to learn English with a view to taking a CEFR test. The book was published at the end of 2016. In this video Misterduncan reviews the book, which is available from DK’s own site or on through Amazon. It is also available as an e-book
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[Video Review đánh giá] ENGLISH for EVERYONE by DK – English grammar guide – for those learning English – BOOK REVIEW

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  1. Sharon Smith

    I can't seem to find the free audio that goes with this book online. All I see are websites to purchase this book. I have the book and there is no website listed of where to get this free audio they claim comes with the book!!!!

  2. Ryan da Silva Tanan

    I'd to know if there's availabe one version of this book for learning Spanish or French. Does anybody know? Or even the vocabulary builder, I think its so dynamic.

  3. Miss Scarlet

    Can you review the other books in the series, i am interested in seeing what is in the intermediate english book and workbook, this is a great book, I am teaching grammar for the first time and this definitely helped me plan my lessons

  4. alovelylifex

    This is a very thorough review, thank you! I plan on buying this book as an ESL teacher in order to better explain complicated grammar points to my students.

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