Learn about some of the key ideas that influenced early economic thinkers, such as Adam Smith, in this video.

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Economics on Khan Academy: Economics is the study of individuals and societies allocate scarce resources. Learn how markets work, how individuals maximize their happiness and firms maximize profits, and how economies grow. We hit the topics you would expect to see in high school and college level introductory economics courses.

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[Video Review đánh giá] Introduction to economics | Supply, demand, and market equilibrium | Economics | Khan Academy

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  1. Tauseef Mohammad

    I am here because in my mid-forties I am beginning to rediscover the need to understand economics and finance better.

    Part of the urge comes from the need to make investments in stock market and earn better returns. I think by understanding economics better, not only can we understand the economic and political headlines better, but we can also invest our savings in a far more sensible and a profitable way.

    I am also so happy to see that Khan Academy provides free educational resources for people who wish to understand things on their own. My best wishes for Khan Academy and I will try to financially contribute to your organization also for providing such excellent resources for everyone.

  2. Joseph Rhodes hodgson v

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  3. Myurton

    Stop explaining the quote half way through reading it, that is the most annoying thing I have ever seen. I would of understood it a lot better had you not went off on a tangent. I had to pause it and read the quote for myself in order to actually get it. If you must explain please do it after reading the entire quote.

  4. Don’t Know

    I should be doing calculus but here I am because the virus might collapse the economy and I have no idea what even this means really 🤷‍♀️ this right now might be good to get educated on

  5. J Abel

    Exceptional presentation in that it emphasises the many caveats that must be added when simplifying assumptions are used to generate the output from the mathematical model.

  6. Tabanova Aisha

    I study English philology, but i started a course of Introduction to Economy. So far i have found it very interesting and would love to learn it deeply

  7. Herikle Mesquita

    Há uma tradução errada na legenda brasileira em 4:24 onde ele fala em como as escolhas individuais na alocação de recursos afeta o mercado e os preços. Traduziram para em como essas escolhas geram crises.

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