Ronnie Mac shows up on his Honda CR 250 2 stroke to ride with the kids in the 65cc class at the last day of the 2019 Ryan Villopoto Summer Camp at Greys Harbor ORV Motocross Track.

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  1. Timothy Williams

    I will not guys running back. As one of the best people you're lucky you get to me and he was in Oklahoma I want to go out and ride with him even you guys are lucky I know where you live Washington and I was trying to see you just take out a flying somehow flying to take out a plane and fly to me Tennessee and you guys really ride with me just fly to Tennessee with someone and right I mean we got to Country House that no one really cares they come up and down the road and speed test without a really good road for that but

  2. Timothy Williams

    I got a pw80 for 50 bucks and we turned into a $550 bike dollar I meant it's like we put $550 in it an now it's basically a race bike if you guys come home okay rock you guys can come out and try to do some face and I'm come out and ride with me I love Loop he can show me how to use a clutch I'm at work not Loop I said whoop I really want to ride with Luke it'll be fine I meant fun not fine it would be fine if you guys to come online

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