Secret Parking Lot Sale at Harbor Freight?

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  1. Tango India Mike

    I was about to buy an 'opened box' inverter when an employee told me I could get a new for a lesser price,…about $20 cheaper. I went to the shelf and sure enough, there it was, $20 cheaper than the opened box inverter. You really have to watch those rascals. Another tip! All those sale items on the table at the entrance are usually marked up a bit from their regular price or coupon price. Always check that.

  2. Charles Gerlach

    Just picked up yesterday, 1/4 drill impact driver with batteryt and charger for 29.99 . marked 59 . then half off it return after 5 days if there is a problem .

  3. Mike Recoil

    I Work for the Company… Marketing is terrible and I apologize for that.. The Open Box should be 40% off on top of the already 20% during parking lot sales, especially after Christmas. Keep the Den going Buddy you give honest, good information.

  4. Bryan VanDyke

    Legit walked by the 'sale' six times trying to find it. Basically a foldout table hidden around a corner so you can't see it from the front of the store. Had six things thrown on top with a box of something underneath. I thought it was just a table the cashiers had thrown a couple returns on until someone could take them in the back. Bummer.

  5. green machine55

    I like harbor freight they’ve been doing a 3 day blowout sale here in Muscatine, IA of course I’ve had to miss out on that considering there’s a couple tools I’m in need of when I finally get to working on my project including I’m considering getting a ultrasonic cleaner besides the couple extra tools.

  6. woof bark growl

    I was in when they opened. I got yet another markdown generator. This time it was the Predator 2000 inverter. I compared to my Honda EU2000i. The Honda is a bit quieter but they both basically do the same things. The Predator has a fuel gauge. First time I've seen the 2000 on markdown. Couldn't pass it up for $175.00. It runs perfectly! I also got a Drill Master 14" metal chopsaw for $25 and it had a blade installed. It was obviously returned because the buyer didn't know how to install the blade. It was on all wrong. Lastly, for $37.50 the Chicago 14" metal chopsaw which has more hp than the DM. Also nothing wrong with it. Yep, it was a good day at HF.

  7. wheelstandr

    The Duluth Minnesota Store has none of the open box stuff. The manager said all our stuff gets shipped off and sent to stores in bigger cities. No open box or return scores ever. Really bums me out.

  8. Jake Guard

    You've never seen the as is items….? Jesus dude where u been at

    Orange is different than purple.

    Orange comes refurbished from factory.

    Purple never leaves the store, it's been opened or damaged.

    Purple gets marked down every 2w, orange on PLS weekend goes from sticker price, 25, to 50% off

  9. Paul Ratay

    Not Harbor Freight, but I heard Walmart has made a deal with TTI (Milwaukee/Ryobi/Ridgid) to make HART tools exclusively for Walmart stores. By the way, Walmart is marking down all their Stanley/Black and Decker tools to clear them out. Great deals now on Stanley/B&D at Walmart.

  10. Diesel Mike

    Was at the local HF last night really couldn't figure out what was going on, went back today and bought the same Bauer 1/2" cordless 20v drill/driver and had used it today wasnt sure about it was talking to manager and he told me it was 50.00 yesterday and today you could get another 25% of today took it down to 35.00 and I really could turn it down at 35.00 but my dewalt 18v died about a month ago price was right so why not was headed to HD to get a Milwaukee cordless so money saved

  11. m60mgman

    Here’s a real secret sale: the 1/2” drive impact flip socket set 62491 is normally $14.99, and posted in my store at that. But on the website and when they ring it up it’s $9.99, and the 20% discount coupon works. $7.99!

  12. God bless the less fortunate

    What is the deal with the "free bucket with $25 purchase"? They used to have a free item with no purchase necessary. Then they changed to free item with purchase. Now we need to spend $25 to get a free item. SMH.

  13. TheLyricalRAP

    In my area, I don't think they do actual "Parking Lot" sales ever. They'll pull some products right along the store sidewalk, but they bring it in at night. To be honest, I didn't know other places actually had an actual sale in the parking lot with a tent and all, haha.

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