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This solved true crime documentary occurred in 2004 in California. Thomas and Jackie Hawks had docked their yacht at Newport Harbor. A few months later, they vanished. Friends claimed that they were in the process of selling their boat and when investigators left their card on the yacht, they got a call from a different couple. This was Skylar Deleon and his wife Jennifer. Did the Deleon’s murder the Hawks? Or was this genuine child actor innocent in their disappearance?


#solved #documentary #killer

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  1. Brooke Makenna

    Hi gems!! Just to clear up some confusion, Skylar is a transgender woman today. She was presenting as her birth gender during this crime which is why the pictures are of Skylar as a male. I will definitely explain better in the next video but just wanted to clarify here!! Please be respectful, even if you don’t want to be respectful to a killer, imagine the humans in the comments who are struggling with their own gender identity. I want this to be a comfortable place for all❤️

  2. Sherry Gutwein

    Who cares what gender this murderer is “identifying” as! He is a he and HE choose to murder two innocent people in the most horrific way. He doesn’t deserve to use tax payer money to cut his ding dong off!! What a joke!!

  3. Jessica BreAnn

    Things we can ALL agree on:
    1) This case is absolutely gut wrenching 💔
    2) Bow-Tie Kitty is absolutely precious 💗
    3) Brooke is awesome 😊

  4. Brianna Scillo

    So ridiculous that taxpayers had to pay for a murderer to get a gender change…
    Like NO, you can spend your life hating yourself & I'd put mirrors all around them so they have zero reprieve.
    Monsters deserve no peace.

  5. Ashy Slashy

    The fact that the mom had the nerve to bring up Skylar almost drowning is insane. If that was something that affected them then it makes it even WORSE that they would put two innocent people through that with no chance of being saved.

  6. Peter Wilson

    Arguing about genders is fun, but there is something pixelated at the cat's collar. I understand it's probably to hide some feature, I just wonder why?

  7. Mary Ann Arndt

    I love all your videos but I have to admit that I was a bit confused when you told this story as you kept referring to Skylar as a she. I did not read your post but I know it was cleared up in the end. You tell great true life crime stories and you tell it with such compassion and empathy for the victims. I find your soft voice soothing and am eager to hear more. Thanks Brooke

  8. The Backstage Blonde

    I mean this with respect… can someone pls explain to me why these evil murderers deserve respect or a heart felt apology for being accidentally misgendered? Is it bc the community will be upset? And if so, won’t the community understand an accident or that the murderer is evil and doesn’t deserve an apology? Pls explain

  9. Megan Berenfeld

    Broke my heart when he was holding on to his wife’s hand telling her they will be okay 😭 sick sick people over a boat!? It’s horrendous

  10. Chastity Hollingsworth

    I have watched like 4 things on this case so im an expert joking there but seriously my point is that people do things for their own reasons and trans people are people too so there are many bad people so there are many bad trans people so to say.but I can't ever show someone else how I feel or how the things I do I did for what reason and so forth.all I can say is that some people who are really dealing with severe dysphoria can make some bad decisions in an effort to ease an issue they see as only fixable with lots of money and maybe they don't have good impulse control but no excuses for murder stated. Just saying yes maybe she was so myopic in thought dealing with that burden that any cost to anyone at any risk was worth it for the chance to be free from that feeling they had of not being right. Sad case.but even criminals deserve representation on the legitimacy of the emotions they feel towards things we cant understand unless we have time with them ourselves

  11. Nadine White

    Awful, and very sad that this lovely couples' bodies were never recovered for their families to properly farewell.
    It looks like Skylar will never face that lethal injection but will sit on death row; you would hope this killer finally discloses the coordinates of the bodies.

  12. Jessica Carrion

    Why the hell are taxpayers paying for a murderer to transition!!!!!!!!! He is a man not a woman!!! Stop being scared of people. I would rather our taxpayers pay for people who need medicine like insulin not this !

  13. Tracie Walker Talk TV


  14. TheKindOfBiasedMusicCritic

    Skylar is never gonna see these comments saying she doesn't deserve to have her correct pronouns used but other trans people will just saying… they're not something you have to earn

  15. LearnToTakeAJoke

    I am all for people's choices and finding your true self but when it comes to a murderous monster I don't feel they deserve that respect !

  16. Annaliese Schneider

    Brooke is so respectful. I feel that murders dont deserve to be treated respectfully. If it was up to me, they wouldn't have the right to be called a male or a female, only a monster. I can only imagine what it would be like to have such a kind heart. You are an inspiration brooke. Thank you for all you do.

  17. Clare

    Love your channel and have always found you to cover the stories well with no signs of whatever your personal opinions may be. You are also super and respectful to the victims, more so than other channels similar. You tell the story with empathy and compassion

  18. Belen Olazabal aguilar

    I think is important to addresses that she was transgender AT THE VERY FIRST MINUTE I watch the whole video without understanding a thing till the very last minute. No more views from me

  19. Dannelle Carroll

    drowning is my absolute worst fear and I’m terrified of the ocean. those poor sweet souls. 💔 they were far too good for this world. rip, loves.

  20. Supercool

    Hello Brooke. I enjoy your videos. I was wondering if can you do one on the Alachua County John Doe which was an unidentified teenager steals a corvette from a dealership in Florida but died in crash during a police chase running from them?

  21. Mary Fetters

    I guess you can murder and rob people get sent to prison and the working class can then pay for an unnecessary surgery so you can be happy. Wish I could have been your surgeon dude! Happy would not be a word pertaining to you in anyway

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